05 April 2014

A Jean-ius Carpet

As we all know, recycling has taken on many new forms in the last 5 years. But this is one of the most interesting and creative recycling items I've seen yet... the Jeans Label Carpet. Old denim labels were assembled into a patch-style carpet and looks pretty darn cool... and genius. For some reason I see it most fitting in a house for a musician.

Photos: Kings of Sweden

31 March 2014

He Who Seeks Beauty...

I'm pretty keen for these 'He Who Seeks Beauty' colors in this print designed by Natala Stuetz of Ma and Grandy based in Brisbane, Australia. It's available for purchase, along with many other fabulous items from Natala's site and over at Baba Souk. And the quote couldn't be more true, when you seek you will find!

Image: Design Work Life

26 March 2014

Clever Coffee

These clever Starbucks coffee mugs from Japanese design firm nendo give a whole new meaning to fill 'er up in the morning. Even when empty, graphics on the base of the cup depicting americano, latte or caramel macchiato, make the mug appear full of your favorite caffeinated goodness. No word on whether these faux coffees will make it to the U.S. Currently they are only being sold in Starbucks retail stores in Japan.

Photos: Mashable

06 March 2014

Delivery from Hatchery

What a treat a monthly tasting box from the Hatchery would be! For only $20 a month, they'll send a goodie box of curated, sample-size artisan ingredients and condiments from around the country right to your doorstep. They sift through green markets, visit family farms and travel dirt roads to find incredible flavors to share with members each month from passionate farmers and artisans. On their website, you'll find interviews with some of their producers, kitchen tips and tricks, delicious recipes and coming soon... Hatchery TV. I've already bookmarked it as one of my new delicious food and recipe sources!

Photo: Hatchery 

28 February 2014

A Day of Autumn

Aren't these illustrations wondrous? Although they depict a time long ago when kids actually had recess, arts and crafts and a bus to catch, the illustrations themselves are timeless. They come from the book A Day of Autumn, written by Betty Miles and illustrated by Marjorie Auerbach. And yes, the time was 1967. See more of these delightful illustrations over at My Vintage Book Collection, a wonderful blog resource for vintage picture books by Mallory McInnis, who also runs the Elwood & Eloise vintage bookshop on Etsy.

Images: My Vintage Book Collection

27 February 2014

For The Love of Wanderlust: Troy Litten

I'm completely smitten with this photo by designer/photographer Troy Litten of the Roy's Motel neon sign in Amboy, California. I'm hoping he'll make it as a print because I definitely plan to buy one, the colors and shadows are just mesmerizing. With wanderlust and a passion for vintage travel ephemera, Troy has amassed the most incredible archive of images that have been turned into a series of books, journals, postcards and notecards published by Chronicle Books called... Wanderlust of course, and are a fascinating look into the world of travel.

I love what he has to say about traveling in general and what inspires him...

via Wanderlust: When I travel, the destination is not really the point. I am fascinated by the transient places of travel—the banks of TV screens that hang from airport terminal ceilings announcing departures to far-flung locales around the globe, the ever-changing view from a speeding train, ordering a meal from an undecipherable menu, exploring the subway beneath an unfamiliar city, walking in another characterless hotel room that could be anywhere, the tourist souvenir vendors touting their wares.

Traveling faster and faster through this increasingly interconnected world, many of these everyday experiences that fill a journey get lost in the rush of getting from "You Are Here" to wherever you are going. But by opening yourself up to the rhythm and rhyme of the seemingly mundane details of travel, the familiar becomes unique, the ordinary extraordinary and the over-looked well worth a second glance.

This is what inspires me to travel. It's not about getting there, it's about all the fun you can have along the way."

Image: Troy Litten

26 February 2014

Behomm Home Exchange for Designers

Yes, I'm a home peeper, I always have been. I like to tour homes and take interest in the interior stylings people choose. And I have to say, right brain creatives have pretty cool taste in architecture and interiors. Now, thanks to two Barcelona graphic designers, of Juste Calduch, there is Behomm, the first vacation home exchange site for designers and visual professionals only. If you're the traveling type and enjoy all the comforts of home in a new city, then this is the perfect home finder for you! This big white concrete studio of a photographer in Milan definitely caught my eye. The next time I travel, I might just have to see what's available on Behomm first. That might dictate where I go!

Images: Behomm

17 February 2014

Multi-Tool Case

There was a day carrying a Swiss Army knife was the in thing. Nowadays, for the young and hip generation, there is the IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case for your phone, replete with all the special things we loved about the Swiss Army knife right in your pocket... er hand. The IN1 includes a phillips screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, tweezers, scissors, a nail file, a toothpick, a kickstand (so you can watch a movie) and both a blue and red pen. The case is only $50 and comes in six tool colors to choose from. And for the jet setters, it's TSA compliant, but that means no knife and... what? No corkscrew? As cool and useful as it is, this girl likes to remove corks at the drop of a hat, so this may not be the accessory for me. However, it's clean and well executed design will surely convert more than a few Swiss Army junkies.

Images: HiConsumption

16 February 2014

At Ellie's Table

You can imagine my delight when I first saw this branding for Ellie's Table; gorgeous custom type, beautiful layouts and down right homey illustrations. Then I kept reading... this wonderful little gem was in San Clemente, in the town I live? How's that for a find! Not only is this new bakery and cafe right down the street, it's chock full of the tastiest homemade treats for breakfast and lunch. I finally got the chance to stop by recently and it felt like I was walking into someone's big, comfortable kitchen. It's no wonder its called Ellie's Table, it's a cozy, everybody-knows-your-name kind of place where family photos adorn the walls and rustic homemade touches make you feel like you actually are part of the family. It was created as a tribute to Eleanor Mastroianni, wife of Jay Mastroianni, who starting the cooking behind the legendary Orange County catering company, Jay's Catering and passed along her recipes. But the impressive design and branding hails from super talent Brian Rau, who worked at Jay's Catering. Thanks to his perfect branding details, I definitely plan on stopping by soon again, having a seat and feeling at home.

Images: Design Work Life

It's You Bebas

I'm a sheep, I can't lie. Just like all the others, I'm smack in middle of the flock who love Bebas Neue. It's my go to font and it now comes in four new weights right here at Font Fabric. Baaaaa.

Image: Font Fabric via David Airey

10 February 2014

Molly Wood Garden

Although we've had a very mild winter and it's left me craving any kind of weather what so ever (even the slightest hint of mist gets me giddy), I'm already thinking about spring and some gardening updates. It's never too early right? I'm currently using the beautiful work of Molly Wood of Molly Wood Garden Design as inspiration. She does fresh, clean, warm, simple, modern and organic in the most magnificent way! And thankfully she's local in Costa Mesa and has a garden retail showroom... with workshops, in case I need a little assistance. Which I'm almost sure I'll need! Oh and yes, I just purchased that weathered chicken feed trough for my dining table, with plans to use it as a wonderful succulent garden, since the interior needs a little green updating too. I have to admit, I was a little obsessed with that trough when I first saw it and didn't realize she sold them until just now while perusing her online store. I'm ecstatic!

Photos: Molly Wood website

04 February 2014

I Will Not Keep Calm

I'm loving this tee from the man himself, the one and only James Victore! Pre-order at Cotton Bureau.

Photo: Cotton Bureau
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