31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Along with a new year comes a new color... and this year it's Turquoise, Pantone 15-5519 to be exact. Succeeding Mimosa for 2009, the inviting, luminous hue of turquoise is a winner to me and sounds like the start of a great Pantone vacation ad...

via Pantone: "Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing."

Read the full Pantone press release here. Happy New Year!

Photo from Pantone website.

28 December 2009

Photo of the week

San Diego Zoo, CA. One would have to wonder what the staff looks like with a sign like this....

27 December 2009

Best Wishes

I know I'm a little late with this... it was one of those years where I just couldn't stay up to date and on time with much. I swear we were gypped a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the time in between went so fast! Here's to a great 2010!

22 December 2009

Here's to pro bono

So, it's almost 2010 and you say you want to do something with yourself. Somehow make a change, a difference, use your creative juices to to better an organization in need... and in this economy, who couldn't use a little help right? Look no further my friend... a group of New York City designers have formed DesigNYC, an outlet for designers to connect their creative skills with non-profits. I know what your saying, it's in NYC, but I'm in SF how will that help me? Well, hopefully it will spawn ideas; go to your local business association or chamber of commerce and offer your services to deserving local businesses, hunt for not so good design and offer a free redesign (just remember not to start the conversation with 'I think your logo is pretty bad, would you like me to create a new one for you?', because they might be the one who designed it). You could always start your own designSF or designAUSTIN or wherever you might be. At the very least you check out Volunteer Match for more opportunities. Just a thought.

Photo from Fastcompany website.

21 December 2009

Photo of the week

North Pole. Two of Santa's seldom used reindeer, Cyrus and Kimchi, got dressed up in their holiday finery to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

16 December 2009

Rest in peace my dear friend

Sad news for the design community this morning... I.D. magazine, America's foremost design publication and the oldest design magazine in the country, is folding after 55 years in publication. Over the years, I.D. won five National Magazine Awards: For General Excellence in 1995, 1997, and 1999; for Special Interests in 2000; and Design in 1997. Thankfully they will be continuing the their Annual Design Review event and publishing the results online. Below is the release from I.D.:
Statement for External Release December 15, 2009
To Readers, Advertisers and Friends of I.D. Magazine:
Since 1954, I.D. Magazine has served as one of America's leading critical magazines covering the art, business, and culture of design. Today it is with regret that we announce its closure. The January/February issue of I.D. will be its last; subscribers to I.D. will receive Print magazine for the balance of their subscription.
Ceasing publication of an iconic brand like I.D. is never an easy decision, but there are several forces that have worked against its sustainability. Certainly the downturn in print advertising has contributed to this decision, but other factors include the fragmentation and specialized information needs of I.D.'s core readers (product designers) and the plethora of information resources available to them – some for free (online and B2B) and others that are highly specialized and targeted to specific industries served.
F+W Media will continue producing the I.D. Annual Design Review, its flagship international product design competition, in an expanded fashion online. This new web initiative will feature not only 2010's winners but will catalog thousands of notable entries from past competitions. Going forward, in addition to the I.D. Annual Design Review, F+W Media’s Design Group is comprised of the award-winning HOW and Print brands – magazines, books, events, and competitions serving the information needs of graphic designers in all media.
We thank the entire I.D. community, past and present – staffers, contributors, readers, and advertisers – for their support of the magazine throughout its 55-year history.
Gary Lynch
Publisher & Editorial Director
F+W Media Design Community
Photo from Gawker website.

15 December 2009

A gift for your typographic freak

Here's a gift no type lover will re-gift! These laser-etched bamboo type coasters each feature a unique jumble of characters from Baskerville Semibold. The perfect stocking stuffer if I do say so myself! Although if one were to use the coasters with a glass that was perspiring from an icy cold liquid, the coasters seem a little impractical, no? I mean, the beads of perspiration would surely hit the table with this design. But no worries, these little babies would look cool arranged on a blank wall looking for a little love. The coasters are available for purchase at Veer, click here for the Veer website. Happy holidays!

Photos from Veer website.

14 December 2009

Photo of the week

Los Angeles, CA. I love discovering what use to be, especially signage that's been unearthed on old buildings. It's been 42 years since a Studebaker rolled off the line, but this building located just a block or so from the Staples Center is still standing, perhaps not for long however (lots of high rise loft condos are going up in the area). After a little research I came across a website of a gentleman who enjoys researching old photos of dealerships and auto factories. He found a great photo of the same building from 1937 at the Los Angeles Public Library. Check it out here.

10 December 2009

Chicago with a view

Although the pictures show a beautiful sunny day, I would rather be in this stunning new Chicago building watching it rain or snow. But either way, the new 82-story Aqua Tower is an architectural beauty. Designed by Studio Gang of Chicago, it's a milestone for women in architecture; it is the world's tallest skyscraper designed by a female-owned firm. (Why is it most, perhaps all, of the worlds great architecture is man made? No pun intended, really). That's another conversation altogether, back to the building.

via Fast Company;
'The tower's signature feature are the undulating balconies, which because of their curving, bulging shapes, cantilever anywhere from 2 to 12 feet outwards, thus affording city views that would otherwise have been impossible to appreciate. They cost a scant 1.5% of the building's $325 million construction cost. And that, above all else, makes Studio Gang worth watching: Architectural flamboyance at a reasonable price is always a rarity; flamboyance that increases the bottom line is almost unheard of.'

It's a stunning addition the Chicago skyline. Congrats to Studio Gang! Read more about it from the Chicago Tribune. And see more photos from Designboom.

Photos from Designboom website.

09 December 2009

Typographic madness

I haven't posted anything typographic related in a while, just haven't found anything worth while. But I found something completely fantastic from Brazilian artist André Felipe... you must check out his typo/graphic posters website, created purely for enjoyment, inspiration and to promote good design through poster culture and cultivation. The work showcased is from designers all over the world with the talent, imagination and creativity for all things type. Thanks for the platform André!

Photo from typo/graphic website.

07 December 2009

Catch of the day

While the rain pounds down outside, I can't help but to think of all the trash that will find its way to ocean during the next few days. Unfortunately, it's not something we think about if we don't see the actual repercussions. However, Saatchi and Saatchi created 'Catch of the Day', a thought provoking guerrilla ad campaign sponsored by the Surfrider Foundation to educate people at farmers’ markets about the amount and kinds of pollution dumped into our seas. Perfectly executed with huge impact, the campaign showcases real life trash collected from various beaches in America, packaged to look like seafood and then offered at farmers’ markets. Next time you throw anything in the garbage, think about its life cycle, where it came from and where it goes. See more pollution packaging here. Brilliant.

Photo from Osocio website.

Photo of the week

Venice Beach, CA. Interesting way to address 1800.

02 December 2009

The final final logo

This is it... I think. All of us design bloggers have been posting early concepts of the logo for the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, all speculative in hindsight. Well, yesterday THE logo was unveiled. Created by the brand darlings at Interbrand and in conjunction with Sochi’s own Expert Brand Council established by the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, the logo uses an all typrographic treatment and incorporates a web address, the first of its kind in history for an Olympic logo. You can read more about the process and concept behind the logo on the press release from the Interbrand site here. And check out how it is already in use on the official Sochi 2014 website. I can't give a critique on the logo just yet, I need to let it marinate a bit. Right now it doesn't say much to me other than the obvious, but I'm hoping it will speak more to me in the coming days.

Photo from idsgn website. Click the photo for a larger view.

01 December 2009

Learn more here.

Photo from World Aids Day website.

30 November 2009

Photo of the week

Los Angeles, CA. There's always something interesting about being in the middle.

28 November 2009

Need a holiday photographer?

Well, I've got one for you... Mike Foley of San Clemente! Whether you're looking for a great photo to accompany this years holiday card or just need some updated photos (because really, if you're like me, the last time you had some nice photos taken you were wearing shoulder padded jackets and big hair, oh yeah)... Mike Foley is your man. Beautiful settings and composition indoors or out, with a relaxed and casual attitude. Not only that, top notch professional quality for a great price. Check out his portfolio online here. It's time for some new beautiful smiles from Mr. Foley.

Photos from Mike Foley website.

Beautiful seasons greetings

Oooo... came across these great print materials for 'What Comes Around Goes Around's', the spring 2009 launch party cue off of the collection's 'Rolling Stones on vacation in Cuba in the early 70's' theme. I particularly liked the Seasons Greetings card, just beautiful.

Photo from Behance website.

27 November 2009

An invite for real foodies

Now here's an invite I would love to receive! Not only for the event and chefs, but just look at the beautiful typography and layout on the invitation... that alone would make me reply with a big fat yes! Designed by the extremely talented Rooster Design Group of NYC, the High Line invitation was a coveted one. So just a little background for you... the High Line was originally built in the 1930s, as part of a massive public-private infrastructure project that lifted freight traffic 30 feet in the air, removing dangerous trains from the streets of Manhattan's industrial district. Over the past several years, Friends of the High Line have worked endlessly to transform the High Line into to an elevated public park. The first phase which opened in June of this year. It's an amazing historical area that brings the people of NYC together, in an extremely unique setting. I can't wait to visit someday. In the meantime, I'm sure the invitees of the High Line dinner, which took place back in October, were stuffed to the gills with incredible food for supporting a wonderful cause. Here's what Rooster had to say about the invitation concept...

- We were asked to create a fun and graphic invitation and achieved just that with bold, typographic play throughout. The typography becomes a puzzle of sorts where all of the different chefs’ names and restaurants fit neatly into one another to create a unified block of goodness. The lush, purple palette speaks to the culinary royalty of the hosts and their celebrated restaurants, which all reside along the High Line.

Photo from Rooster Design Group blog.

Time for a walk

Ugh, the day after Thanksgiving and I'm feeling a little sluggish, again this year. Nothing that a hike won't cure out in the crisp air soon. But I have to say, Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year because quite simply, it's all about the food (no stress, no gifts, no stampedes, no spending). It's about you and a damn good plate of food. But what happens after? You need to get out and get those calories off. Recently I came across a cool website via the great people at The Ecology Center... it's called WalkScore. You can put in your address and find out how walkable your neighborhood and community is. Although my neighborhood scored a pitiful 14 out of 100 (due to the fact I'm not in walking distance to the local market, post office and variety of other locales which deem a higher walkable score) I am in a locale with mucho hiking trails and sidewalks (all in walking distance outside my door). If your plan is to simply get out to walk with no particular place to go, then I would give my neigborhood a 100 out of 100. So if you do any one thing today, get outside and go for a walk, because there's no excuse... anyone, anywhere can do it!

24 November 2009

Olympic logo evolution

It's almost time for the unveiling. The official announcement comes next week, but somehow the redesigned Olympic logo for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi Russia is making the rounds on the internet. A few months ago I blogged about how the bid logo is never the actual logo that ends up representing the games (click here to read). That being said we'll all be waiting to see what Rio comes up with. Back to the Sochi logo... it is, as usual, completely different than the bid logo, but it's stronger and has some nice added movement to it. Perhaps it will become some kind of animated avatar for the games. However, like idsgn asked, are they leaves, feathers or torch flames? Your guess is as good as mine. Here's another look at some of the past Olympic logo transformations over the years.

Photo from idsgn website.

23 November 2009

Photo of the week

New York City, NY. It's that crazy time of year already, but I have to admit however, it didn't really sneak up on me like in past years. I'd like to thank Lowe's for having their Christmas decorations lining the shelves for purchase BEFORE Halloween so I wouldn't forget. Nothing like getting in the spirit nice and early. But seriously, what better place is there for the holiday season then NYC? Believe it or not, 9 out of the 10 times I've been to NYC I've been there during the winter and I love it! For me it's the real NYC. I won't be there this year (haven't been in a while actually) to experience the lights and decorations, seeing my cold breath in the air, walking along the crowded sidewalks bumping into shopping bags or grabbing a hot drink in a cozy cafe. Instead, I'll try and create a small piece of the big city season somewhere inside my cozy home near the beach. Tis' the start of the season!

22 November 2009

Mammoth time

Well it's about that time of the year. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, California ski resorts will start hosting much ready skiers until next May. I'm not a skier (I'm more a sit by the fire in a big wooley sweater and watch the skiers with a nice drink in hand), but I do look forward to winter ad campaigns, particularly those by Mammoth Mountain. Since their logo and brand redesign, the ads just keep getting better, like the one above, done by David&Goliath. I found this billboard ad on Frederik Samuel's site. (yes I know, hard to believe billboards are still around and functioning even though they seem to be so old school these days). Samuel's is a very talented German chap currently living in London. See more of his creative side here. I'm looking forward to more from Mammoth and contrary to what some critics are saying, I happen to love the updated logo. But then again, I'm not a die hard skier with ties to the older woolly Mammoth.

Billboard photo from Frederik Samuel website.

19 November 2009

New type for art directors

As a little follow-up to yesterdays Art Director's Club Designism post, the ADC recently launched a new logo. Initiated in 1920 by Louis Pedlar, the Art Directors Club was founded to delve into the relationship between advertising art and fine art and the idea that advertising could be judged by the same stringent standards as fine art. Therefore there's a big and long reputation on the line here. The older acronym logo was a throw back but at least interesting. Trollback + Company, who designed the new logo, 'chose to replace the acronym logo as a way to highlight the club’s legacy, even though the organization’s membership spans far beyond only art directors. “Companies and organizations usually use acronyms in their branding to distance themselves from their past,” he said. “In our case, we wanted to do the exact opposite and embrace our origins and heritage.” Well, I agree with Brand New on this, I'm not sure they accomplished that with the new tight squeezed Franklin Gothic and pink PMS. I mean, they said it themselves in their press release... 'The new branding system follows the lead of the club’s recently revised mission to “Connect, Provoke and Elevate”....'. Sorry ADC, for me the new logo does not connect, provoke or elevate in any way. It's mediocre at best and B-O-R-I-N-G.

Photo from Brand New website.

18 November 2009

Designism is here

Today's the day and if I was in NYC, you'd find me there. There meaning Designism, the Art Director's Club fourth annual forum that explores the responsibility and experiences of designers and creatives to drive social and political change through their work and career focus. This year the forum is exploring business models that drive social change and some of the speakers include social entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes, Bill Drenteel of Winterhouse Studio, Paula Scher of Pentagram and Mark Randall of Worldstudio. Should be a good time. For more info check out the ADC website.

Photo from Visual Culture website.

16 November 2009

Photo of the week

Camden, Maine. It's starting to finally feel like fall here, so of course I'm thinking of a real fall, the kind New England has already been displaying for over a month now. Camden has to be one of the most beautiful, quaint places in New England and picture perfect on a crisp fall day. There are many of course, but this one would definitely make my top ten list. Happy Fall to all!

14 November 2009

Little design treats

I love when even the most little mundane things get treated with creative care. Check out these interesting bar codes from the Japanese firm d-barcode. Unfortunately, I don't read Japanese, so there are a bunch of other sites with write-ups on their work; on TheDieline, Popsop, and another firm BarcodeRevolution, who also have some intriguing designs. I hope to see these little design treats in US markets soon... I'll be waiting.

Photo from TheDieline website.

11 November 2009

Hit the road jack

Ahh... there's nothing like hitting the open road. What is it about getting in that seat and driving the days away searching for adventure? I love road trips, wish I could get lost more (my stellar sense of direction won't allow me to) and have never once gotten car sick. I have however slept the entire way from Massachusetts to Michigan. That's a lot of sleep and needless to say the trip was unadventurous. But I digress. Recently, one of my best gal pals from Boston decided to leave the real estate rat race behind, put everything in storage and hit the road for Montana for a two month adventure. How cool is that? I would love to take a mini-sabbatical and make a journey to anywhere to relax, recharge, meet new people, find inspiring scenery and let my mind wander. I mean hey, recently Joe Duffy asked that I stop going to work and Stefan Sagmeister lectured me on the power of time off. But like anything, the bills need to be paid no matter where you are. That's why I'm inspired by people like Drifting Creatives. The design duo, Gavin and Martin, hit the road in search of adventure but decided their main goal was not only to have fun, but help small town American businesses across the county with great design. They offer their creative services to whomever needs it. Great idea! It also reminds me of Daniel Seddiqui, the guy who graduated college and decided to work 50 jobs in 50 states. So basically we all have one thing in common... no matter where the 'road' may take us, we need to create our own map of adventures. My best wishes to all those currently on the road and to those of us waiting to fuel up!

Photo from Drifting Creatives website.

09 November 2009

Photo of the week

Berlin, Germany. This is a spectacular day! Twenty years ago, I remember sitting at the kitchen table as a high school senior, watching the news on television about the Berlin Wall coming down. Even then, the idea of a wall separating a country seemed so antiquated to me. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Berlin and Munich in 1995 and I've been obsessed with Germany ever since! Here's a link to some of the festivities taking place which has included ongoing exhibitions and events leading up to today; Festival of Freedom. Here's to all those who helped reunify Germany and its people. Today is for Berlin and to others around the world who fight for the freedom of all humanity.

06 November 2009

A good sign of things to come

As you know, I've ranted in past posts about the horrendous London 2012 Olympic logo. But here is a breath of fresh air and (hopefully) a sign of better things to come! A set of proposed posters were designed by University of College Falmouth graduate Alan Clarke for the 2012 Olympics and they are beautiful! They are graphically minimalistic and easily comprehensible (exactly what posters are suppose to do in my opinion) for the thousands that will descend on London for the games. Congrats to Clarke for such simple design genius. But if you'll notice however, they do not contain the actual horrendous pink 2012 logo. Maybe that's why they are so beautiful... ? See more posters and more of Clarke's work on his website. I love his statement on graphic design; 'I believe in clear, considered communication solutions, simplicity and great ideas. I feel that well conceived typography has a key role to play within this.'

More via @Issue; 'The design proposals were actually meant to brand the Transport of London, with text on each poster identifying which underground station links to each Olympics event. “My thinking behind these posters was to convey the movement and energy of the games in a simple abstract way,” Clarke explains. Clarke’s images are evocative of the visuals created by the legendary German designer Otl Aicher for the 1972 Munich Olympics. Clarke, who now works as a designer at Gendall in Falmouth, was a D&AD Best New Blood Winner for 2009.'

Photos from Alan Clarke website.

05 November 2009

On the up

Wow, where has the week gone? Why is it things just start to get obscenely hectic after Halloween? Anyway, before I forget I wanted to send a shout out to the great creatives over at Uppercase magazine. Why? Because I love a great design typography magazine... a great Christmas gift for the typo-holic in your family. They've also got a website full of interesting typographic stuff... paper, stamps, fonts, books, hand made projects and so much more. Check it out! It's simply charming and oh so inspiring!

Photo from Uppercase website.

02 November 2009

Photo of the week

Rockport, MA. Since it's now officially Fall, I had to post a great cloud covered day in Rockport. I so miss overcast days with a chill in the air, it makes you want to break out your best wool from LL Bean. This photo of the famous Motif No. 1 fishing shack on Bearskin Neck reminds me of those perfect Autumn days.

01 November 2009

Halloween scary

Happy Halloween! I know, it's November, but the fog is still lingering from last night. Around 133 kids came knocking for treats and only one wearing a Scooby-Doo costume! What's up with that? I was Scooby-Doo Halloween circa 1975 with my cousins and thought it was the coolest costume, I wanted to wear it every year thereafter. I do have to say there were a lot of great creative costumes that made the rounds last night, lots of scary masks and princesses. But nothing beats the costumes of yesteryear. Just look at those scary faces... now that's a 'Happy' Halloween!

28 October 2009

Cinema Orange this Thursday!

As promised, this is a reminder for the upcoming Cinema Orange at the OCMA this Thursday! Hosting this months film the Newport Beach Film Festival presents Infinite Space; The Architecture of John Lautner. For details and directions hit the OCMA website. Should be another great showing!

Photo from Infinite Space website.

27 October 2009

Typefaces as elements

For all us right-brainers, this is our kind of Periodic Table of Elements. This would have made science class a whole lot more exciting! Take a look at some of the close-ups at the Typography Served website.

Photo from Typography Served website.

Drugs and crime gone type

A couple of Pentagram designers recently finished some nice work on a series of typographic posters for the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) that 'highlight the relative merits of drug treatment and rehabilitation around the world. The posters are a training tool specifically aimed at the Russian police, whose country has a particularly poor track record in drug treatment.' They cover topics such as estimates of injecting drug users and HIV among injecting users, needle and syringe programs, and a few others. Take a look at the series of posters and read more at the Pentagram website.

Photo from Pentagram website.

26 October 2009

Just add hot water

I love when material that's bad for the environment self-destructs or disintegrates! (see the 60day bag post also) The latest issue of Creative Review (CR) is wrapped in a plastic bag that dissolves... all you need to do is put it in hot water. See how it works here. Designed by Cyberpac in the UK, let's hope all magazines that deliver with plastic will follow suit.

Photo from the CR website.

Photo of the week

Tivoli, Italy. When you visit Italy, the drive from Rome to Tivoli is well worth it to visit the Villa d'Este, the finest Baroque gardens in all of Italy. Once the summer (key word summer, more on that later) home for emperor Hadrian, the residence was the largest and most sumptuous villas in the Ancient world. Beautiful gardens, mazes and hundreds of fountains are the prime attraction surrounding the villa built in 1550 (it's also included on the UNESCO world heritage list). It truly is an amazing place and incredibly impressive. Although there is one caveat, you must go when the fountains are actually running, that being the summer. I traveled to Europe with a former employer and one of my colleagues had read about the Tivoli gardens and thought we should visit. We were all for it, until we got there and realized that because it was January the fountains are drained and cleaned every year during the winter months. Ah, good to know. However, even without all the greenery and cascading waters, the fountains still had amazing presence and a beautiful allure. If you find yourself in Italy, a trip to the Tivoli gardens is a must. This site has some beautiful summer photos to peruse, unlike my winter photo above. Ciao!

23 October 2009

A presidential first, HOPEfully

This is no doubt a presidential first and an interesting design focused one at that. I couldn't review it any better, so here's the write-up from the idsgn.org blog;

[ A new book entitled 'Designing Obama' will showcase works from artists who contributed to the historic 2008 presidential campaign… but only if you are interested (more on that later). We know the Obama ’08 campaign was groundbreaking in many ways, but particularly in its use of art and design. Focusing on this aspect, Scott Thomas, Design Director of the campaign, has collaborated with dozens of artists and designers for Designing Obama. The 360-page book is full of artwork created (both officially and unofficially) during the campaign, along with forewords written by Steven Heller and Michael Bierut. Perhaps most interesting is the book’s Obama-inspired, grassroots publishing model. Using the new ‘funding platform' Kickstarter website that lets people invest as little as one dollar in any kind of project—Designing Obama must raise at least $65,000 by November 5th in order to see the light of day: The Obama campaign was successful because it was powered by small donations from supporters. We believe this is the right model for things other than political campaigns, so to fund Designing Obama, we have teamed with Kickstarter, whose mission it is to assist the funding of creative ideas and endeavors. We believe the Obama-like fundraising model is the perfect way to ensure the book's integrity and quality. As of today, $45,450 has been raised (but time is ticking with only a few weeks left to raise the remaining $19,550). Watch the video for more information, and to show your support visit Kickstarter. ]

HOPEfully they'll be rolling hot off the press! I'm not so HOPEful however on the level of Shepard Fairey's involvement. Although his iconic Obama Hope image was a pivotal piece in the campaign, I'm not so sure people still feel the same about his work or, more importantly, his integrity.

Photos from idsgn website.

22 October 2009

Design a tshirt for ONE

Hey designers! The ONE organization is asking us to design their next t-shirt to help advance the fight against poverty. Get all the details at the ONE website. The deadline is 3 November at 5pm!

Here's a brief overview-
We want you to design our new African-produced, fair-traded, 100% organic T-shirt. A panel of expert judges will select the top 3 designs -- and then ONE members will choose the winner by voting for their favorite. In addition to advancing the fight against poverty, the winner’s design will be printed on the African-produced T-shirts and made available to ONE members and the general public for purchase.

Photos from ONE website.

Love those visuals

It's true, but I just can't get enough! This morning while perusing my daily design sites and newsletters, I came across another great resource for amazing information design... We Love Datavis. Now that makes my day! And if the Angels win tonight... that would make my day even better! Yes, I know, how could I say that if I'm a die hard Red Sox fan? Hey, you can love more than one team my friends and if you really love baseball you want the season to be as long as it can go!

Photo from WeLoveDatavis website.

20 October 2009

Go ahead, write on the walls!

How many times as a kid did I get caught writing on something I shouldn't have? Once, not bad. And the only reason I got caught was because I wrote my best friend's name among other things. That was dumb. But even dumber... I tried to blame it on my favorite cousin. Okay, that didn't work out so well, but the new Idea Paint does! Obviously I had creative tendencies from the beginning and this product would have been perfect for a 'need-to-draw-scribble-write-on-everything' kid. Now we've all seen chalkboard paint, pretty cool indeed. But you wouldn't want to put black in massive areas on your walls. However, Idea Paint is a white paint that simply turns any paintable surface into a dry-erase board. Yes! Now that's what I'm talking about. I can finally indulge my need to write anything at anytime. Yeah, why didn't I think of that?

Photo from Fast Company website.

19 October 2009

Photo of the week

San Clemente, CA. There really is something special about the atmosphere and attitude of living in an ocean community, not to mention all the great places and icons that make it that way. A pier is one of them. Hearing the creeks of each step as you move closer to the end, it begs to bring you closer, to make you one with the ocean. To smell the air of salt and sand that linger so gently. At dusk, there's a formidable slowing of the days pace, while beachfires start to flare up and the colors of the horizon change with each passing second. And we're lucky indeed, all of that is year round.

17 October 2009

How we are wooed

Okay, when I saw this it really made me laugh. I'm a big fan of Brand Strategist Marty Neumeier, who is the creative genius behind Liquid Agency. His latest book Zag: The No. 1 Strategy of High-Performance Brands, summaries the differences in the tongue-in-cheek visualization above to answer the question on the difference between how a public relation expert goes about wooing customers versus an ad agency, a designer, etc. Very funny. (Click on the image for a better view)

Photo from @Issue website.

15 October 2009

Smart, tough and sexy

Sorry to disappoint some, but I'm talking about Tungsten, the latest font family release from Hoefler & Frere-Jones. And it really is a beauty. As described by the H&FJ website, 'That rarest of species, Tungsten is a compact and sporty sans serif that’s disarming instead of pushy — not just loud, but persuasive.' Brian Hennings, a resident designer at H&FJ, describes the process in which he creates sample art that showcases the many ways in which you can use fonts (as shown in the sample above). It's a very interesting read, check it out here. And if you're interested in that smart, tough, sexy font... you can get it at the H&FJ website.

Photo from the H&FJ website.
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