28 April 2011

Cool Awesome Jealous

If you haven't seen the fabulous work of Mark Giglio of Pen Pencil Stencil, you must! It's like nothing I've every seen before. Beautiful color, line and shape on just about any application. Get ready for some very thought provoking work!

While you're at it, check out his latest collaboration with a few other like minded and extremely talented folks from the San Francisco Bay Area called Loose Leaf, a new limited edition semi annual publication.

via Pen Pencil Stencil site; Loose Leaf is a large format unbound edition of printed art works that is designed to be hung on your wall and not stored away. It comes with a unique pegged hanging system so you can change out and rotate the art you’d like to view.

Just awesome!

Photo from Mark Giglio website.

25 April 2011

Photo of The Week

San Francisco, CA. When spring rolls in, there's something energizing about the air, the colors and nature in general. Perhaps it's more of an attitude. Either way it makes me think about all the ways in which nature is simply amazing. Her beauty is breathtaking, her palette is extraordinary... and well, it's sort of the way I look at farmers markets too and all the earth can provide. Like these lovely figs I photographed at one of the premier fresh markets in San Francisco, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the Ferry Building. The colors are just stunning... I'm sure they'll find their way into a design project in the near future!

23 April 2011

Seriously Smart Bulb

No kidding. The Brain Bulb is an efficient energy light bulb designed by Belarus-based design duo Maria Solovyova and Igor Solovyov of the firm Solovyov Design.

Image from KatyKelley website.

Click, Book, Go

Airbnb is an online travel site that connects people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay. Want to get cozy in an authentic trulli house in Puglia, no problem. Looking for a residential home in New Zealand, can do. How about a 2-story tree house on Peaks Island, Maine? They have you covered.

But it wasn't necessarily what the company did that intrigued me, it was the infographic to celebrate their 1,000,000th booking that blew me away! The wonderful masterpiece of an infographic was designed by Brooklyn-based Kelli Anderson, and is the story of Airbnb's incredible growth since 2008. You have to love a company who embraces information and design with a keen eye! Ms. Anderson brought their impressive stats to life in this modern, yet retro design with enormous visual appeal!

Click here to download the full PDF version.

Images from Airbnb website.

21 April 2011

Leave it to Levolor

Hands down, this is some of the best advertising I've seen in a long time. Thanks to Minneapolis-based ad agency Carmichael Lynch, the new series of Levolor ads are perfectly executed with eye catching headings and imagery. Simple and magnificent, who would have thought window blinds could be so appealing in print! The ads are running in design publications such as Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Traditional Home.

Images from Communication Arts website.

18 April 2011

Photo of The Week

Las Vegas, NV. It's only a matter of time until every one of the cool Rat Pack-era locales are just a photographic memory of the strip, replaced by stalled, half constructed, over indulgent luxury high-rises. The 59-year-old Sahara will be closing in a little less than a month on 16 May. Sinatra sang it... 'That's Life.'

17 April 2011

Heavy metal rocks the house

Very soon the kitchen rug under my dining table is going to be replaced. Probably with a standard jute or sisal from Crate + Barrel. However, if I had a super cool modern home and was looking for something unique for foot traffic, I have a feeling this metal Yachiyo rug would definitely be a conversation piece. It was conceived by London designer Philippe Malouin and handmade made with galvanised steel wire rings in a Japanese chain mail design that took 3000 hours to create. Let me put it this way... that's 125 days of non-stop work! I don't even want to know the price for those painstaking hours, if it's even for sale. And one would have to wonder... will your bare tootsies find it cold and uncomfortable? Probably, but then again it's not about comfort here, it's about great design with beautiful cool grey colors and one hot topic for conversation. Read more about how the rug was actually made at Dezeen.

Phillipe's other work is just as intriguing, like his dervish lamp, hanger chair, tent sofa, rocco chair and standard range. So do take a gander at his other fabulous designs here.

Images from MONOmoda website.

16 April 2011

So you need a new way to choose a typeface...

I saw this fabulous typographic flowchart on one of my colleagues computer screens recently and just had to know more. So You Need A Typeface was created by Denmark-based graphic design student Julian Hansen and loosely based on the top 50 of Die 100 Besten Schriften by FontShop. Definitely not the standard way for choosing a font, but oh so much more fun! Thanks Jothi!

Image from Julian Hansen website.

11 April 2011

Photo of The Week

Las Vegas, NV. Forget the shops, the new City Center in Vegas has some pretty darn cool architecture.

07 April 2011

Awesome is an understatement

I'm completely in love with (the very talented) Jessica Hische's office space... and her new website!

Image from Jessica Hische website.

04 April 2011

Photo of The Week

Las Vegas, NV. After numerous trips to Vegas over the years, I finally got a photo of the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. It's a good thing I waited though, back in the day, revelers had to dodge traffic to get to the center median to snap a photo. But these days a 12-car parking lot makes it a whole lot easier (check out an older sign photo here). And if you time your visit just right, there's a Elvis waiting to give you a free pair of gold rimmed sunglasses, pose for a picture and sing a little 'Hound Dog' for you. Welcome to Vegas! (More Vegas photos coming in a future post).

03 April 2011

Just The Facts Ma'am

Minimalism at its best. Clean, simple perfection.

Image from Swiss Legacy website.

Don't Be A Sinner

... a typographic sinner that is. To help you get to typographic heaven, designer and teacher Jim Godfrey created a poster outlining all the hellish things people shouldn't do with typography. He designed the '34 Typographic Sins' poster as a means of educating his students on some of the more common mistakes made when designing with type.

via Godfrey's website: Before we all started using computers to do our typesetting, there were professional typesetters who knew a lot about type and some rules for setting it appropriately. Much of this information is taught in typography courses at colleges and universities. As I taught students in my own typography class, I felt the need to have some sort of concise resource that would remind them of some of these typesetting conventions. You know, something that would lead them in typographic righteousness and keep them out of sin.

Download your very own PDF version of the poster here or get a beautiful letter pressed numbered and signed version here.

Image from MONOmoda website.

Vegas... Meet Helvetica

Having just come back from Las Vegas, where I overindulged at one of my favorite eateries, Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, it's appropriate to post these fabulous Helveticards. Yes, it's true, I go to Vegas to eat, not gamble. It's food lover's paradise and I'd much rather roll my stuffed self out of a restaurant then roll the dice. But I'll post more on Vegas and photos tomorrow. Needless to say, no matter how glamorous the latest club and/or hotel is, Vegas is still as gritty as it gets.

But perhaps these Helveticards could up the ante. Styled with classic Swiss roots, they're designed with not only the typophile in mind, but also the card player. And let's face it, these new contemporary designed cards challenge the standard, over embellished patterns and old ornate typefaces with a long overdue clean, minimalist design, perfect for today's 'Less is More' appeal. And with the old Rat Pack-era locales sadly coming to their imminent demise (the latest victim is the Sahara, which will close in May) and being replaced by even more over-the-top Vegas styling, Helveticards would be a breath of freshly recycled smokey air.

These cards just might convert me into a poker player yet! Get your Helveticards here. They're printed on premium quality, high gloss, white core playing card stock and packaged in hard plastic case for only $10.

Images from MONOmoda and Helveticards website.
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