30 June 2011

Lounging around

A hammock made of solid bamboo, stainless steel hardware, ultra suede upholstery and it's washable? Sounds too good to true! But how about for Fido? Well Pet Lounge Studios has created just that, a hammock for your fury loved one. The Florida-based company creates natural bamboo furniture for pets and their goal is to design unique products specifically for the Humanization of pets within our families (how great is that!) They are currently seeking support on Kickstarter in order to launch their new line of products, so hopefully we'll see these great products come to life! Here's to a life of lounging... my dogs sure can!

Image from Pet Lounge Studio website.

29 June 2011

Chalk one up

I found Dana Tanamachi on one of my favorite blogs, Grain Edit. She has incredible raw talent! No stencils, no projectors, just amazing chalk lettering by hand. I'm in complete awe and wish I could create such brilliant typographic endeavors. Just take a look at this time-lapse video of a project being created here on Vimeo. And wouldn't you know (it's really no surprise) she works for the uber incredible Louise Fili Ltd., my typographic hero and one of the most prolific lettering studios of all time. While most art stands the test of time, her chalk work can be erased in mere seconds, which must make it a true labor of love.

Images from Dana Tanamachi website.

28 June 2011


How cool is this? A poster of my tweets courtesy of the fabulous Better Nouveau. Type in a username or hashtag and watch your poster come to life. Try it out here. You can even change the layout and color, the number of tweets, the orientation and order a print to adorn your wall! Click for a larger view.

Image from Better Nouveau website.

Super Studio

I love anything that comes out of Telegramme Studios. Like this super cool hand printed screenprint poster for The Lemonheads performance in London. I can taste the sugary sweet lemons with my eyes!

Image from Telegramme website.

27 June 2011

Photo of the week

Palm Springs, CA. Our yearly road trip to Palm Springs is almost upon us! I'm getting excited since it's a little over a week away and I'll have a few major presentations completed with some new exciting work! Can't wait to be basking in the 100+ degree desert heat taking photos for a little road trip magazine project. Stay tuned and cool my friends!

26 June 2011

Brand Canada

Belinda Lanks said it straight... 'If graphic design were an Olympic sport, Canada would at least medal.' And it seems most of us in the design community agree. (Her write up for Fast Company is hilarious by the way, and brings to light the uninspiring USA brand, read it here.)

The Canadian Olympic Committee unveiled its new Olympic brand identity recently to rave reviews. Staying true to its Maple leaf roots, the new brand is clean, simple and drives attention to the team, exactly where they want it to be. And I must note, I'm a huge lover of the grid and anyone who uses one to reconfigure a brand is my hero. Just look at the lines from that maple leaf, beautiful and functional! The new brand was produced in collaboration with Vancouver-based designer/director Ben Hulse and designers Greg Durrell, Adam Bognar, Andrew Simpson, and can be viewed here on the official Canadian Olympic Team site. The press release on Around the Rings also gives more insight into the creative process.

I can't help however, but to think about a comment I read somewhere along the way, that it has the same feel as the city of Melbourne branding...

Images from Ben Hulse website.

Mid-century Scandinavian

For any home needing a little mid-century love, then these artistic posters inspired by Scandinavian mid-century modern design by graphic designer and photographer Jan Skácelík of the Czech Republic, will definitely do the trick! The colors and compositions are splendid and eye-catching. He's got a variety to choose from at his Etsy shop here. And don't miss his fabulous design blog Design Attractor, it contains a plethora of inspiration.

Images from his Etsy site.

Haus in the Haus

If you're looking for something a little different with a modern, edgy flair, then check out Haus of London. Gifts, furniture, kitchen items, textiles, clocks and lighting galore for everyone on your list. Very cool stuff!

24 June 2011

Royal mail

Since I was just on the subject of mail and those great stamps in my last post, why not follow up with some actual branding of mail. Mash Creative of London (yes, the same city in which those fabulous stamps are from) rebranded the Royal Mail for ICON magazine. Considering it's not an official branding, but more of a creative exploration, I think it's well done. Fresh and perfectly simplified come to mind... and who doesn't like simplified these days? I do think the colors are a little Micky D's for me, but they stayed true to the history retaining key elements of the original design, while giving it a much needed face lift. Read more about Mash Creative's process on Swiss Legacy.

Images from Swiss Legacy website.

22 June 2011

Noble design

Not that it's any big deal I suppose, because who really looks at stamps. In this day and age, who mails bills or letters anymore to even need stamps? The only time I seem to care is when Christmas rolls around and I want snowflake stamps to match our annual holiday letter. But I'm huge on anything handwritten and sent snail mail. Chalk it up to my love of paper. Who wouldn't want to get a letter, note or postcard in the mail? It makes you feel special... someone cared enough to take the time and send it! Unless of course you're the type of person who sends nasty grams, but that's a whole other conversation. Maybe I'd care more if the U.S. wanted to put out good looking stamps with interesting subject matter and designs. Wildlife, butterflies and Americana (liberty bell and flags anyone?), seem to be all they can muster. It's too bad really, but perhaps it's a marketing opportunity to generate interest in a stalled government sector. It could use a little boost, which it desperately needs. They should take a cue from the latest stamps from Hat-Trick Design for the UK Royal Mail. If the U.S. put a little more effort into the kind of stamps they produce like the Royal Mail does, I for one would send more notes to simply say hello to friends and family. I would, I really would!

via Commarts site; Hat-trick Design has designed 43 stamps for the Royal Mail. Their most recent were two new sets in distinctly different styles, released April 12, to celebrate the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 50th anniversary. The first set, like mini posters, was a collaboration with Marion Deuchars, using words and phrases from key parts of the plays and dramatic photos from famous productions. The second incorporates a mini “stage set” built with illustrator Rebecca Sutherland, shot byJohn Ross, that shows the stages around Stratford, interspersed with characters and props from the plays.

Now those are some good looking stamps!

Images from Commarts website.

20 June 2011

Going coasters

There is only one problem with these letterpress coasters from Kim of Paper Lovely... I'd never want to use them because they are so great looking! Coasters on the wall? Why not!

Images from Paper Lovely website.

Photo of the week

San Clemente, CA. I'm sharing this photo today, not because of it's stellar quality from my phone, but because it's the cutest damn photo I've ever taken! I only wish it had been snapped with a real camera with real quality. My boy Cyrus is just the most handsome man ever. He rolls in dead worms, eats dirt and doesn't much like going for walks. But he loves to go for a ride in the car, big pieces of chicken and his warm binky to nap on. Typical boy, but I love him dearly for his big personality!

17 June 2011

Keep Calm and ...

Back in 1939 it was Keep Calm and Carry On. These days it's Keep Calm and Bike On, Keep Calm and Play Tron, Keep Calm and Beam Me Up Scotty, Keep Calm and Drink Wine (okay, I threw that last one in for my own pleasure). But, seriously, there is a vast amount of adaptations of the whole Keep Calm theme and I could not agree more with Thomas Wilder. Wilder blogged about being 'visually assaulted and overwhelmed by the enormous amount of adaptations' but he also found the root of poster and its wartime meaning.

via idsgn: "Keep Calm and Carry On” was intended to help raise the morale of British citizens in case Britian was invaded by Germany. A straightforward and direct typographic message was chosen accompanied by an illustration of the King’s crown. The King’s crown was included to ensure the public would identify that this was a message from the King to his people.“Keep Calm and Carry On” was the third of the series because its intention was to manage the panic stricken citizens of Britain in the event Germany was successful with its invasion.

But why has “Keep Calm” become such a worldwide cultural icon over the past 10 years? Click here to find out more from Wilder on the isdgn website. Perhaps when we see yet another adaptation at the next yard sale, we'll all know a little more about its significance.

Images from isdgn website.

15 June 2011

Udderly delightful

Divine Dairy is, well udderly divine (yup, pun intended!) Designed by Adelaide-based Frank Aloi for Udder Delights of Australia, Frank's choice of bold color and rustic French style typography would surely catch my attention at the cheese counter, never mind how the cheese tastes. But any cheese with packaging that amazing, surely contains amazing cheese right? One can only hope anyway.

via Packaging of the World site; I was approached by the award winning team at South Australian based Udder Delights, to create a brand identity for their new range of cheese, Divine Dairy. Located in the pristine Adelaide Hills and sourcing local milk from local dairies, the artisan cheese maker that prides itself on quality, wanted a design to capture the rural, traditional and hand crafted methods used to create their 'French Style' product. The colour usage identifies each cheese, adds a modern touch to a traditional design and helps to establish a powerful and memorable brand in the market place. It continues to build with the product already selling well in gourmet stores, fruit and vegetable shops and independent grocers nationally.

Images from Packaging of the World website.

13 June 2011

Photo of the week

Miami Beach, FL. In typical Southern California fashion, June gloom is upon us. Not that I mind actually, it reminds me of the cool November grey skies of New England, which I quite enjoy. And since I just talked to my dear friend who I visited Miami with for the first time several years ago, I found Miami appropriate for the photo of the week. Ah, the warm sunny skies and rolling waves of Miami Beach would be nice today...

12 June 2011

A mountain of garbage

This infographic struck me hard in two ways - 1) It's stunningly beautiful 2) It's shockingly sad. Which can only mean one thing, this public awareness campaign by Publicis Groupe, to help keep mountains clean, is doing its job well.

Image from Frederik Samuel website.

11 June 2011

Oh Happy Day!

How wonderful would it be to win a trip for two to Paris? Well enter right up friends, today is our lucky day! Jordan of the fabulous Oh Happy Day website, is giving away a trip to Paris! Click here to enter and read all the details. Good luck! And many thanks to Jordan for making one lucky reader's dream come true!

Image from Oh Happy Day website.

Rolling in books

Although I'd rather be rolling in money, perhaps rolling in books might quench my thirst. As part of the Archive Series, architect David Garcia designed an easy-to-move bookshelf that challenges the way people interact with both the books and the room. I do think I'll need a bigger room for this bookshelf however.

via David Garcia's website: David Garcia Studio is an experimental architectural platform which tests new methods and processes at all scales. Collaborating with architects, designers, artists and engineers, the studio works with an "open door" philosophy, where objectives and partnerships are established from project to project. The Studio is run by architect David A. Garcia.

Images from Victoria Pater website.

Illustrator extraordinaire: Dante Terzigni

I think I love illustrators... every stinking talented one of them. Can I be in love and envious at the same time? Sure, why not. Cleveland-based Dante Terzigni is the latest lover to hit my list. Just look at his color, shape and form and the extensive variety of his work. I'm drooling....

Images from Dante Terzigni website.

The Friday Handbag

Think anyone will notice if I bring this handbag into the office next time? Drinks are on me!

Wine sack available at Uncommon Goods.

Image from Victoria Pater website.

Hubba, hubba, hubba

As the daughter of a mechanic, I for one can appreciate the saturated spaces and smells of a garage. I'm definitely not afraid to get my hands dirty, but can also really appreciate when something dirty goes clean (maybe that's where my compulsive cleaning gene stems from?) So when I saw this abandoned Madrid garage gone clean and green, I was envious. Hub Madrid, renovated by Churtichaga + Quadra + Salcedo Architects (CH+QS), is a shared office co-op offering inspired places for meeting, working, innovating, learning, connecting and collaborating for professionals and designers. And let's face it, shared offices are a greener way to go as the space is more often occupied than traditional cubicals, where people always seem to be gone. Uh, did someone say voice mail? Not only did CH+QS preserve the building’s industrial character, which had been untouched since the 1940's, the energy-efficient updates were specifically designed to limit its toll on the environment.

And The Hub isn't just in Madrid, it's just the headquarters for this worldwide movement and has become a blank canvas for inspiration and a space for entrepreneurs to change the world. Read more about the green changes here at Inhabit.

Images from Inhabit website.

As the I'm responsible for

Ever wonder what is it that you do day in and day out? I mean, what do you really, really do? I like the answer from this person in the photograph taken by Oslo-based designer Christian Bielke. To see many other stunning photos and design, take a look at Christian's blog and work.

Oh, and if you're in the market for an apartment in Norway, Christian is selling his very cool pad here. Take a look!

Image from Christian Bielke website.

06 June 2011

Living green

I do remember saying something about getting all giddy about green recently, so here's a follow up post. No matter where you live, even a little green gets you going. Whether you've got a tiny balcony in the Bronx or a palatial rooftop on Park, there's nothing like a little green to make you feel great!

Photos from DesignSponge website.

Photo of the week

Portland, OR. I spent some time over the weekend at a local nursery and found myself drawn to everything lush and green. I'm dreaming about how to surround myself with an abundance of leafage! Therefore, it's no surprise today's photo is courtesy of Portland-based Lisa Warninger, which I found on Design Sponge. I just couldn't resist the absolute calming beauty of her photo taken at Luscher Farm, a community garden and preserved family farm. You simply must view the other photos that go along with the post here at DesignSponge. I might be on a green kick, so expect the few next posts to have some kind of theme!

Photo by Lisa Warninger via DesignSponge.

03 June 2011

The zen of ideas

I'm in love with this Idea Execution Audit infographic from the 99%. Not just the fabulous layout, graphics and colors, but the information is very telling on the habits of how ideas are generated in the creative community, how we live and work and how we communicate. Download the slick infographic for yourself here (PDF download) or click the image for a larger view. And learn more about the survey on the 99% here.

Image from the 99% website.

02 June 2011

Mad design from Adam Hill

When I say 'mad' I mean that in the best possible way... mad as is rad! Take a look at this fabulous branding of Mad Brew from Cape Town South Africa graphic designer and illustrator Adam Hill. I'm in awe of his spectacular work!

About the design via Adam's site; In the initial stages of briefing I was informed that the company would be looking at branching into other offerings: Media, consisting of photography and music videos as well as Interiors offering. The client loved the aesthetic of a traveling Victorian salesman and the concept of one entity 'wearing many hats' was used to neatly package the three brands together.

Images from Velcro Suit website.

Love is on the bookshelf, again

Steven Heller is a god. Well, a design god that is! He is the author and editor of over 130 books on graphic design, satiric art, and popular culture. He was recently honored as Design Mind by the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum in the 2011 National Design Awards. (the award recognizes visionaries who have effected a paradigm shift in design thinking or practice through writing, research and scholarship). There is a small list of people who have shaped what design is, how we think about design, why design is important and Steven Heller is at the top of that influential list. Here's to Steven and his ever present voice and vision in the design world, his recent honor and his newest book! I will of course be heading to a bookstore soon to pick up, I Heart Design! His books are an absolute must for any designers library!

via Cooper-Hewitt: Lying at the intersection of editorial design, design history and criticism, and design education, Heller’s work has focused on building foundations for exploring and preserving design as a social and cultural force. Heller cofounded several graduate programs at the School of Visual Arts, including the MFA Design Program (Designer as Author and Entrepreneur), of which he is also cochair. He served as art director for thirty-three years at the New York Times and continues to contribute as a columnist for New York Times Book Review and other leading publications.

Image from Gelatobaby website.
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