31 July 2011

Talent in texture

I'm incredibly inspired and envious of Cristina Londoño who runs the graphic design, textile and branding studio Wallnut, with offices in Columbia and New York City. She creates the most brilliant pieces of design, with a powerful use of color and texture. I'm in love! You can more of her amazing talent here.

Images from Wallnut website.

26 July 2011

Dog is good, dog is great

Yup, I'm a dog lover. I was grew up with English Springer Spaniels (Red, Holly and Bud) and currently own two adorable long dogs (that's Dachshunds for the newly initiated doxie folks out there). If you haven't heard of Dog is Good, you're going to be incredibly happy I told you! They make the most creative, humorous, put a smile on your face products for dog lovers. And I'm loving their new Never Drink Alone line of summer tee's, especially that Hot Dogger Lager!

Images from Dog is Good website.

Ain't that the truth

Ha, I love this! And let's be clear, courtesy of Merriam-Webster: a person who acts independently without being affiliated with or authorized by an organization. My friends, we sell a service and it ain't free.

Image from a-jothi-blog.

In the red

I never knew this.... and found it completely intriguing. Why are barns red?

Image from the Daily Heller website.

25 July 2011

Photo of the week

Las Vegas, NV. I've mentioned it before, but I think I need say it again. The City Center in Vegas, which opened in December of 2009, has some really great architecture. It's a photographers paradise rendering a different angle upon every step you take. The geometry of it is simply fabulous!

23 July 2011

Illustrator extraordinaire: Alberto Cerriteño

If you haven't seen the fabulous illustrative work of Portland OR based Alberto Cerriteño, then consider this your viewing. Alberto's work is charming, whimsical, colorful and full of personality! An illustrator, animator and designer, he was recently commissioned by Fashion Buddha to create characters for a video series featuring hand-crafted puppets Cam, Maggie, and their dog Blue. See some of the process here. But don't stop there, you must peruse his other incredible work, here and here. He also did a cool line of tshirts and hoodies for Icelandic-based clothing brand Nikita. I think I'm going to need one of those!

Images from Alberto Cerriteño website.

21 July 2011

Powder + Smoke

Candles almost always have pretty cool packaging, but this candle packaging rocks them all! I've never seen packaging quite like these Power & Smoke scents available at Leif from D.L. & Co. A candle disguised as a dripping paint can, just wonderful. If given as a gift, the packaging is so clever, you won't even need wrapping, just a beautiful ribbon.

Images from Leif website.

18 July 2011

Photo of the week

Palm Springs, CA. Renowned for its mid-century vibe, Palm Springs is home to some of the most influential architecture of the 20th century. So during a recent getaway for some R+R, we hit the road for a little self-guided driving tour and picked up this map from the Palm Springs Modern Committee... definitely a great thing to do when it's 110° degrees out. My favorite, the famous Richard Neutra built Kaufmann House of course (very top photo), probably one of the most famous structures in the desert. Here's a little more about its history from the NY Times. But there were some other interesting homes on (and off) the map. Elvis anyone?

12 July 2011

Flying high

Who ever said airlines weren't creative? Lufthansa was hip long before Virgin Atlantic came along. No offense to Virgin Atlantic, Branson loves to re-imagine his super hip airline brand which I admire! Perhaps he took some cues from Lufthansa long ago... ?

At any rate, according to Grain Edit, Lufthansa 'in 1963 and up until the present day counts as one of the most groundbreaking corporate design solutions of the 20th century.' And now, it's corporate branding glory will be available in September in a gorgeous 128-page book (with 250+ illustrations no less!) called 'Lufthansa and Graphic Design: Visual History of an Airline' and highlights the work of the designer Otl Aicher (famous for his iconic 1972 Munich Olympics designs) and his Gruppe E5 student group, who developed a visual identity for for the airline back in the early 1960's. Fastened your seltbelts, should be a great read!

Image from Grain Edit website.

11 July 2011

Photo of the week

Palm Springs, CA. It's always hard coming off vacation. There's nothing like spending some time relaxing poolside without a care in the world. Floating on your back hearing only the sounds of the water moving gently around your face. But I'm still there, listening softly in my mind, as the sun moves slowly against the desert sky. Ahhh..... sheer bliss.

09 July 2011

Hot time in the desert

The Fourth of July week started hectic, but ended in pure relaxation. Our annual Palm Springs roadtrip was fabulous, thanks to our wonderful dog sitter (so the Mr. could relax worry-free knowing his kids were in the comfort of their own home getting spoiled by their Auntie... and getting a few extra treats!) and our new stay... the Colony Palms Hotel. We did good, it was everything we wanted and more, a small quiet hideaway with plenty of charm and no kids (except for the two roughly 8 and 10 year-olds who were extremely well behaved and astonishingly quiet while playing in the pool). Obviously by the photos above, eating, drinking, napping and relaxing were the only items on our agenda, if you could even call it an agenda. We actually did venture out even in the 109 degree heat, more on that in a future post!

04 July 2011

Photo of the week

Plymouth, MA. How apropos would it be to use a photo of the American flag taken in Plymouth? Thanks Dana and Happy Birthday America!

01 July 2011

Friday refreshment

Well, it's Friday... and it's a holiday weekend... and I'm on vacation next week! Okay, not quite on vacation, a few client presentations and then I can relax knowing Palm Springs awaits at the end of the week! But capping this week, I actually feel pretty good, refreshed even. I really should feel that way next Friday, shouldn't I? Ehhh... who cares! Anytime one can feel refreshed before vacation is one lucky dog. Perhaps it was the image above I happened upon today doing a little research. El Rayo is a fabulous taqueria, but it's not in Mexico nor California. Hell, it's not even West of the Mississippi River! This charmer of a place is in Portland Maine. Yup. Probably the only Mexican restaurant Maine has. As a native of Massachusetts, I can tell you straight up New England is not known for Mexican food. To prove my point, I grew up thinking Chili's was Mexican food (okay, that's embarrassing to admit!) Back to the subject at hand... the reason for this post is this; if that doesn't look like the best damn refreshing drink to have on a Friday night, on a holiday weekend, laughing with friends, eating a big fat burrito, then I'm just a crazy ass woman who doesn't know jack! El Rayo, when I'm back in Maine next (summer, winter, spring or fall), I'm driving straight from Logan for that refreshing drink... or two!

Image from El Rayo restaurant.
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