31 August 2011

A toast to a pub

Behold, this is Reynolds and Reyner's absolutely gorgeous logo and corporate identity for the first classic English pub in Ukraine, Liverpool English Pub. The design detail is incredible. Any pub with an identity like this is surely a place to raise a glass!

Images from Reynolds and Reyner website.

28 August 2011

Color perfection

I'm simply in love with the styling and combination of these two colors from Chicago-based eclectic furniture store Post27. Owner Angela Finney-Hoffman's flea market-meets-gallery store space is full of both old and new home finds presented in unique ways and often with a modern twist. And she's not just a shopkeeper with impeccable taste; she designs furniture under the name Lapel (a line of fine furniture inspired by industrial designer George Nelson’s office series from the 1960s), runs a monthly 'Inspiration Hour' for groups of creative neighbors and helped start Art Camp, a four-day cabin gathering at a restored 1940s summer camp on Lake Wandawega in Wisconsin where designers and artists indulge their inner craft-maker spirit. I have a feeling I would love Angela, she's my kind of (creative) gal!

Image from Design Bureau website.

25 August 2011

Simple and stunning

If ever there was a home with a low-maintenance, light-filled, eco-friendly, modern style with stunning Pacific views, then this Point Loma home in San Diego is it. Designed by San Francisco-based Macy Architecture, the architecture firm of the homeowners brother, the home was named “Home of the Year 2009” from San Diego Home and Garden magazine, and it's no surprise why! Gorgeous materials and textures, beautiful lines and a perfect color palette. And of course, every award winning home deserves an Eames lounge chair... so jealous! Read more at Design Bureau.

Images from Design Bureau website.

23 August 2011

Must have book for 2011...

Design Sponge at Home! Talk about an inspirational book; DIY projects, decorating, crafts, tips, home tours, before + after projects.... sorry, I need to catch my breath (okay). The book hits stores on September 6th, and Ms. Bonney herself is already hot on the book trail with tour dates from Portland, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts, so check here to see when she's coming to a city near you. Here's a sneak peak for you too... but I know you don't need a peak, you've already pre-ordered right?

Image from Design*Sponge website.

22 August 2011

Life in and on the web

This month marks a huge milestone for me. After months... dare I say years, of procrastination, I've finally got my website up and running and I'm just thrilled. I like to think I've just been so busy working, I haven't had the time to deal with it. Most everyone in my position knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's hard to carve out time whilst in the middle of client work, to actually work on your own projects. With much help from the ever wonderful Deb Foley over at San Clemente Website Design, I'm finally alive on the web and you can view it here. Whew. The question now is, which other personal project do I tackle next... ?

Photo of the week

How sweet are these eyes? They say it all.

20 August 2011

I do remember, and it's not pretty

Had I known Tobias Juretzek would need my hideous 80's clothes to make chairs in 2011, I would have gladly forked them all over right then and there, at the height of my 8-ball leather jacket (an exact replica of mine I might add) and Z. Cavaricci wearing days (it was all about those billowy pleats). On a side note, I was shocked to find they actually have a website, although it doesn't say much about what they're doing these days.

I'm proud to say I can't find any old photographs depicting such fashion horrors. How I have no photos, I don't know. But in hind sight I must have known it would be a bad decade, a very bad decade, and one that my old self would rather forget. But I digress. It's 2011 and what better way to recycle old, woeful clothing than to put them in their rightful place... mold them into extinction, never to be revived again. Behold, the Rememberme chair collection by Juretzek. Each chair is composed of some 13 pounds of clothing, taken from friends, a used-clothing company, or Juretzek’s own closet, that the designer soaks in resin, then compresses in a mold to create sturdy, stylish and functional furniture. The Italian furniture company Casamania will manufacture and sell the chairs for about $950 each and will be available this fall. Slightly more than a pair of Cavariccis, but so much more fashionable!

Images from Tobias Juretzek website.

18 August 2011

Photo of the week

San Francisco, CA. One needs to ask, really... how the heck does this happen?

14 August 2011

Pencil as art

You can truly make something out of nothing. Here's The Pencil Story by John Baldessari.

Image from Frank Chimero blog.

12 August 2011

The cheapest logo ever

That would be the $35 Nike logo designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971 for Phil Knight, co-owner of Blue Ribbon Sports which morphed into Nike. Forty years have passed since this iconic brand launched and it has now become one of the most recognized logos in the world. I wonder just how much someone would pay for a stripe supportive swoosh these days?

Images from The Daily Heller website.

10 August 2011

Dog gone cheery

I'm loving this great colorful dog print in the home of jewelry and housewares designer Tina Frey of San Francisco. Not only is her home super cool, but her magnificent designs cast in resin are too! See more of her cheery modern home here as well as her designs here.

Photo from Design Sponge website.

08 August 2011

Photo of the week

San Clemente, CA. One of the coolest things in San Clemente is the Coastal Beach Trail. It's free, it's beautiful, it's quiet and perfect for an overcast Sunday morning.

06 August 2011

Better calorie counter

Thanks to GOOD magazine, Design Matters and UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism’s News 21, the conversation about our really crappy FDA food label is finally getting some real press. Rethink the Food Label put out a call to designers to rethink and redesign our atrocious nutritional label. I know, it's a crowd-sourced design competition, but I really do believe this one is different. It's a means to get people thinking (hello FDA!) about doing something about it, not just getting free design. And with none other than Michael Pollan judging the entries, this can only make a positive impact on the future of the label.

Yes, I realize the country has an obesity problem, but let's be clear here. It's all about calorie intake; not the fat, sugar, protein, sodium or fiber, which are important in there own right I know. But if you take in more calories than you are expelling (that means exercising it off), then you're going to gain weight, it's that simple. And let's face it, lots of Americans are idiots (no offense Americans) and don't care enough to read labels, and if they do, perhaps they don't understand them. Fine. Then let's make it easier for everyone. Ultimately what we need to do is dumb it down. Again, no offense to anyone, but the less is more concept works here and simplicity is key. So kudos to San Francisco designer Renee Walker for winning the big first place prize and doing just that... even using simple icons like a thumb's up to call attention to what is good. Second and third place also went to well designed labels, so check out the rest of bunch.

Let's just hope the FDA takes notice... really, how could it not! There are so many conversations about the food label now; read about GOOD's take on why we need a new label, how labels might make us eat healthier here and and why a label should teach you a bit more about the food you're about to consume here. So, know how many calories are in your dinner tonight?

Images from Fast Co Design and Rethink the Food Label websites.

Organized, functional and modern

Nick Keppol is not only a talented master typographer, his Brooklyn office space is the coolest of cool. Neutral grey walls, white furniture, bursts of bright color, homemade terrariums for a shot of organic, plenty of Eames and Herman Miller to go around and (deep breath)... is complete organized functionality. Love that! And perhaps the best part really, he's got the cutest furry companion to keep him company. See more of his studio at Herman Miller Lifework. And check out his typographic prowess here.

Images from Herman Miller website.

04 August 2011

Navy shipyard goes urban

There's nothing better than seeing abandon buildings and spaces salvaged and put to good use. For example, we've seen what can happen to an old freight train rail. And Puma gave us unique retail experiences in shipping containers. We can also add Urban Outfitters to the list of companies who are reinventing and repurposing old, abandon spaces. Who could resist! These spaces have so much character, we just can't bear to see them sit dormant any longer. The successful clothing and accessories conglomerate Urban Outfitters, chose the Philadelphia Navy Yard as their new corporate headquarters.

via Design Bureau: “We wanted a place that we could make a real physical space, that made a statement to really push creative thinking,” says Dave Ziel, Urban Outfitters’ chief development officer. “It was about being genuine to the buildings and the architecture that existed.”

For its thoughtful work on the Urban Outfitters ship yard offices, Minneapolis-based architecture firm Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd., was awarded the National Preservation Honor Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. And a job well done! I love the clean reclaimed wood floors juxtaposed against the cast-iron columns and rusted steel beams layered with peeling paint. Read more about this phenomenal space on Design Bureau.

Images from Design Bureau website.

01 August 2011

Photo of the week

Napa, CA. I like wine glasses... empty wine glasses that is! These glasses were polished off at the fabulous Paraduxx in Napa Valley. Not only are the wines spectacular, but the setting is... well, just perfection.
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