21 March 2012

What would you give up?

Seems smelling fresh and clean is still pretty valued to most Americans, over the internet that is. But who are those 7% that don't? Ick. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, which weighed the internet’s importance on everything from the global economy to individual lives. The polls found that 21% of Americans would give up sex for internet access, but only 10% would give up their cars. Surprising? Not really.

What is surprising is when you start asking people what they would give up to keep the internet in their lives. 73% of Americans say they’d give up alcohol. 43% would give up exercise. And 21% would give up sex. Do we really value the internet that much? Apparently so, but it's a 'perceived value.' While the US Perceived Value is $3,000, France is $4,788, and India... a mere $494. That should tell us something. Read more more over at Fast Co. Design.

Download a PDF here of the entire study. It contains some very nicely done infographics, as well as comparisons on consumer benefits from the internet and the internet's impact on various countries around the world.

Photo: Fast Co Design website.


sanclementeweb said...

Who are those 7% willing to give up showers? I love stuff like this!

Lynne Door said...

I know right? I might have to revise my post and bring light to that! Thanks yo'!

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