06 April 2012

All about Augusta

It's that time of year again. The golf world is watching the Masters. While I'm not a huge fan of golf, I do find it relaxing if it's on in the background, it's not so bad. And if Tiger is playing, let's face it, it really is more exciting if he's doing well and in the running. But like everything in life, things change, and even golf courses change. Over the years Augusta has changed the tee positioning, grass, bunkers, reshaped greens and more. How much to they really change however? Bill Yonkers has designed a wonderful infographic to show us just how with details on each major hole. And you can even purchase the poster if you like right here.

Read more about the evolving sport and course on FastCoDesign and get a magnified view of the poster.

Photo: FastCoDesign

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