22 April 2012

Fly like the wind

If I could have run like hell from this past week, I surely would have. It was a crazy week of work and I just couldn't keep up (hence the reason why my posting has been lagging). And had I worn these amazing new knitted Nikes, nobody would have stopped me! The HTM FlyKnit sneaker from Nike (a follow-up to the high-performance FlyKnit Racer unveiled earlier this year) debuted last week at the Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile and will be worn by Olympic marathoners.

via Fast Co Design: Flyknit Racer required an entirely different shoe-making process (including new machinery and software) to produce a one-piece, lightweight knit upper. For support and structure, Nike wove in supportive cables, which loosen and contract with your foot.

Technically, this is obviously some impressive footwear from Nike and with multiple yarns of varying hues mixed to create a stitched heathered effect and bold color, they are pretty darn good looking too! Read more over at FastCoDesign.

Photos: FastCoDesign

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