28 April 2012

Mohawk goes great

Mohawk is North America’s largest private, family-owned manufacturer of fine papers and envelopes, founded back in 1931. To meet the challenge of the ever changing paper business, with revolutions in digital technology transforming the ways people use paper, they recently announced a major reinvention of their business to “thrive in today’s digital world” and introduced a new identity designed by none other than Pentagram.

The identity is the third Pentagram has created for Mohawk in the past 20 years, following logos designed in 1991 and 2002, but I think the 2012 version captures the essence of the company brilliantly and its connection to the changing world of print and paper. It even comes alive with animation and sound. The best part is the logo can be configured into countless colorful patterns. I love when logos do that!

Here's a little about the new mark.

via Mohawk: Mohawk’s new mark is based on the letter M. On one level, it is a monogram for the name Mohawk. It is also constructed to evoke the papermaking process and the printing process, both of which involve the paper around cylinders. The logo also speaks to the basic idea of connection, which is what Mohawk paper is designed for “…whether it’s for a small book of photos featuring your niece and nephew or for a giant global corporation, it’s about communication,” said Michael Bierut, who lead the branding team at Pentagram, and whose firm has been Mohawk’s primary brand agency for over 20 years.

You can read more about the new identity at Mohawk, Pentagram, and Brand New.

Photos: Mohawk and Pentagram

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