08 April 2012

Social media vs. the weather

Living in SoCal doesn't provide me with near enough weather unfortunately. And when I say weather, I mean real weather. A few days of rain a couple of times of year doesn't cut it for this New England bred soul. I rarely have to check the weather forecast, but I do it every morning anyway with the hope that one day something different than sunny and 73 will pop up. I'm fully aware however, that my brain is just fooling with me and I will never see anything more than sun or clouds.

Alas, I'm not alone. The Dutch design agency of CLEVER°FRANKE feels the same. They love complexity and create incredible infographics for a range of clients and subjects. Included in their stunning portfolio are annual weather charts. This year they focused on the relationship between data about the weather provided by the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) and the sentiments in social media about the weather in The Netherlands. They posed the question: Is the way how people rate the weather on the internet in accordance with the meteorological facts? After analyzing the stats, they produced this gorgeous weather data chart. You must read more here on the details of the chart, but below is a little insight.

via the C°F website: To analyse this, we have used 714,843 messages concerning the weather in this chart. The messages were collected from a variety of websites, social media platforms and internetfora. Overall, the Dutch weather is predominantly rated negatively (58%). Only in April and March people rated the weather mostly positive. Along with the increase in general use of social media in 2011, the amount of messages about the weather rose through-out this year. As the months passed, people rated the weather more negatively, especially in the month December.

You can even check the visualizations at the CLEVER°FRANKE weather chart site and view each of the sentiments vs. the weather. Very cool indeed!

Photos: CLEVER°FRANKE website.

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