04 April 2012

Too cool for school

Remember those cool pennants from your youth? Your favorite team emblazoned on your wall. Well, the creative team of Jessica Heltzel, Tim Hoover and Eric R. Mortensen of The Peoples Pennant have elevated the pennant from the confines of sports and designed a limited-edition series of felt pennants that "commemorate the everyday." To "rally around the small things in life" each month, the series includes contributions from the likes of the super cool Heads of State, Richard Perez and Ken Barber of House Industries.

And even better, the pennants are crafted by folks who've helped shape the tradition since the early 1900s, the pennants are hand-crafted, printed and sewn in the U.S.A.

Whatever it is that makes us happy, I'm sure they'll be a pennant for it soon! Get yours here!

Photos: The Peoples Pennant website.

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