31 May 2012

The ultimate space

Now this is what I call a super cool work space! It's the work space of the uber talented designer Kyle White. It just can't get any better than vintage signs and paraphernalia. Wait, it can... check out his portfolio! Everything is beyond grand.

Photo: Kyle White website

29 May 2012

Bang rocks

Now this is a brand on everything. Business cards, towels, wrapping paper, stickers, aprons, matches, tees, even coveralls. And done so very well. Take a peek at all the goods from Simon Laliberte over at Atelier BangBang.

Photos: Atelier BangBang website

Quote of the day

Here's something to ponder from Dublin Ireland-based Lukasz Kulakowski. Nicely put Lukasz!

Photo: Lukasz Kulakowski website.

26 May 2012

Lettering admiration

Just enjoying some lovely lettering from Neil Tasker. Amazing work! See more on his Behance site.

Photos: Neil Takser website

Save your life with an app

An app that could literally save your life? That's right, you just never know when you'll be all alone with your iPhone and can't dial 911. But JWT Singapore and the Singapore Red Cross Society have launched an iPhone app that allows users facing a medical emergency to alert nearby first aiders and get qualified help. 'Qualified help'... that makes me a little nervous. Could their be 'non-qualified' help nearby that comes to your rescue? I hope not. Anyway, it's a great idea and Rapid Rescue was created as a pro bono project to coincide with World Red Cross Day. The Singapore Red Cross has trained around 12,000 people in first aid, all of whom are encouraged to register as Rapid Rescue volunteers on the app.

via CommArts website: Anyone who has the app installed on their phone can, in the event of a medical emergency, send out an alert to all registered first aiders within a 2km radius. The first aiders then choose whether to respond using their own phones. The app then maps out the shortest route to the patient for the responding first aider and lets the patient know that help is on its way. The app can also tell patients the location of the nearest hospital. At present, the app is only available for Singapore but there are plans to extend it to other Asian countries.

And not to worry, Android people will also be saved. Currently the app is only available for iPhone users, but the Red Cross does plan on making an Android version of the app as well.

Photos: Creative Review

Tomatoes never looked so good

I'm loving the traditional yet modern look and feel of Houweling's Tomatoes rebrand! Created by Canada-based Dossier Creative, the new packaging and branding focuses on proprietor Casey Houweling. Using his signature and promise of using a “craftsman's care” to produce the best-tasting greenhouse tomatoes, the design gives a voice to real personal packaging. Houweling will also be the voice of the company in all brand messaging which will be carried on all packaging, truss tags and social media.

Even better, as North America’s largest producer of greenhouse-grown tomatoes, they have a legacy in sustainable production. Bravo! Read more about their sustainability efforts here.

Photos: CommArts website

25 May 2012

Fluid sculpture

The sculpture of Belgium-based artist Nick Ervinck is pretty darn amazing! His extensive amount of work and exhibits are incredible. I'm not sure whether I see some kind of molecular morphing process taking place, nerve clusters or silly putty type string within his artistry. Either way, they are mesmerizing to look at and I love his choice of colors, especially in front of the grey shades of Europe! Take a look at his enormously beautiful amount of work here.

Photo: The Fox is Black

24 May 2012


In the typographic world, designers love ampersands. I'm not sure why creatives have such an intense intrigue with ampersands, but I'm one of them. (Big surprise, shocking even.) So today we pay homage to a beautiful ampersand dubbed, the Amperbranch. Doodled by designer/illustrator Ryan Putnam, his Amperbranch was created with "a dash of rustic charm and a pinch of typographic infatuation." As an outdoor enthusiast, I love its woodsiness, I've never seen another ampersand quite like it!

You can purchase a limited edition letterpressed print of Amperbranch and even download wallpaper for your tech gadgets too. See more of Ryan's fabulous work over at Vector Mill, Vectips and Rype Arts, his Colorado Springs-based design studio.

Photo: Ryan Putnam website

22 May 2012

Photo of the week

Firenze, Italy. Hello friends! Back from a marvelous vacation in Italy to celebrate my birthday (a surprise courtesy of my lovely hubby and our first real vacation in 10 years, no joke!) and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things again. It's been a little hard I must say, I'm trying to keep the sounds, sights and smells of my holiday with me still. Be on the lookout for more Italy pics in the near future!

11 May 2012

Leaving on a jet plane...

Friends, I'm hopping on a jet plane today for a wonderful holiday! Posting will be minimal over the next week, if at all. I'll be back soon to tell you about all my wild and crazy adventures (well, not that wild and crazy). Thank you for reading! Cheers!

10 May 2012

Santa Fe shines

The re-imagined Santa Fe Railyard Park is, to put it mildly, stunning! Designed by landscape architect Ken Smith, Santa Fe Railyard Park is part of a mixed-use district redeveloped from the historic train yards near Santa Fe’s downtown. The goal was to transform the historic Railyard into a sustainable and inviting public space for recreational, social, artistic and commercial activities. And the environmental graphics will make you stop and swoon!

via CommArts: The graphic program, by Pentagram New York, includes directional and donor signage, interpretive panels and a landmark identification sign installed on the massive water tank central to the park’s sophisticated natural irrigation system. The goal was to make the signs and graphics as unobtrusive as possible while conveying functional information. As a result, the signage is integrated into existing park elements like benches and curbs and the signs on buildings are carefully matched to existing materials and made as light and transparent as possible. 

Read more about the project over at Pentagram

Photos: Pentagram

Eames words of wisdom

A few words of wisdom from Charles Eames today, courtesy of CAMP Design Group, a hugely talented design studio with an awesome blog. Check it out right here!

Photo: Camp Design Group

08 May 2012

Touring Venice

If I lived closer to LA and the traffic wasn't so horrific, I sure would go to house tours more often. Venice always has some of the best homes and it's no wonder; many architects and interior designers call Venice home and take their rather modest abodes and create modern serenity in the middle of a busy, crowded city. The Venice Garden and Home Tour took place this past weekend and it's one of the biggest events on L.A.'s house-snooping calendar, a self-guided walking tour of 30 properties. Here's a peek at what I would have seen. Next year I really must endure the smog and traffic and go! Read more at the LA Times Home and Garden section.

Photos: LA Times

The way to food in London

Inside London's Boat magazine this month is a pull out A-Z map of London Street Food, designed by the very talented Kate Hyde. The folded A3, 4-color risograph leaflet has illustrations of various street food vendors and their vans, carts and stalls, all placed to hint at their location in London. Included are about 26 different street food vendors, one for each letter of the alphabet and the back lists a host of London's best foodie markets. Yummy and delicious design indeed!

Photos: CreativeReview

07 May 2012

Big year end results

The talented Ludlow Kingsley of Los Angeles created a 2011 year end report that anyone would be delighted to receive. But it had a fun little twist...

via Ludlow Kingsley: Every early December, it starts up again. "Should we send out a holiday card?" We decided to survey our clients and friends' sentiments for the year that was, 2011. At the top of 2012, we closed the survey and calculated the results. Then we mailed a hard copy to all the participants.

How fun to be a part of the results! The design and execution by team at LK are magnificent!

Photos: Ludlow Kingsley

Office clips go to the dogs

Every dog lover needs these office paper clips! The multibreed dog-shaped clips come in a pack (no pun intended) of five for $3.99 and are available at The Container Store. Thankfully it contains my favorite breed... the Dachshund! And you can get the matching dog bone paper clips to round out your fun office products.

But if dogs aren't your thing, they've got flowers, airplanes, numbers and bicycles too.

Photos: The Container Store

06 May 2012

Miami heat

I'm loving this retro styled poster by Jessica Taich, who works for Yelp in San Francisco. She's designing some super cool stuff for Yelp behind the scenes! Check out more over at DesignWorkLife.

She's currently traveling around France and is posting some lovely photos of her travels here. They really are a must see!

Photo: DesignWorkLife

Take a ride with Pantone

Finding ways to add Pantone colors to various items and materials can't be all that easy right? Well, Pantone is making it look very easy these days, adding color to almost everything. And they've done it again with bicycles. Take a ride on a hand-made Italian steel-framed bicycle in Pantone colors Green 627C, Ruby Red 186C, Turquoise 15-5519, and Mimosa 14-0848 from bicycle manufacturer Abici Italia.

The bikes feature fully-enclosed chainguards that display the Pantone color codes they take after, leather saddles, metal mudguards, back-pedal rear brakes, manual front brakes, and battery-powered lights. Riders can choose from men’s or women’s style frames, add rear brakes or three-speed gears too! For a whopping $1,181.00, you're sure to have the most stylish commute on the block!

Photo: DesignTaxi

05 May 2012

Digital to analog

The beautiful smell of fresh ink is still emanating from this project! The decorative Bodoni alphabet poster was produced by classmates Nigel Bents, Paul Oakley and Jonny Holmes at Chelsea College of Art & Design in the UK. It's magnificent! Read more about the project below.

via Jonny Holmes website: This decorative alphabet was produced by Nigel Bents, Paul Oakley and Jonny Holmes at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Based on a downloaded Bodoni Poster font, it was designed digitally by students using Illustrator, laser cut out of 3mm plywood by Cut Laser Cut in Vauxhall and mounted on type-high block by Stef Willis in the college workshop. It was then printed at Graham Bignell's New North Press in Hoxton. There they will remain; and in time, no doubt, be added to. An example of a digital start leading to an analogue finish.

Jonny's website is full of interesting experimentation; Ampersand, Temperamental Type and the Soul of Disco are some of favorites! Make some time to visit his site and view his amazing work.

Photos: Jonny Homes

Modern day marketing

This print marketing campaign for Australian power tool company STIHL is spot on! Whybin\TBWA\Tequila delivers the new brand campaign “Get Real. Get Outside" brilliantly. While daily lives revolve around so much digital existence, STIHL reminds people to rediscover the simple joys found outside, with grilling, birdwatching, swing sets and wildflowers. So well done!

Photos: CommArts
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