30 July 2012

Photo of the week

Rome, Italy. Once again, my obsession for photographing bicycles in Italy is apparent today. But this one was undeniably interesting. To think how long it might have been sitting there, and how long it will continue to sit there.

29 July 2012

One dynamic duo

While perusing Gojee this morning, I came across food blogger Sara Forte... and oh my goodness, her Sprouted Kitchen blog is amazing! Add to that her husband, Hugh Forte is a self-taught photography genius. She cooks, he photographs. It's quite the perfect combination of deliciousness. Check out her fabulous blog and his absolutely amazing photography and I think you'll agree!

On 28 August, their latest adventure together 'The Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods' cookbook hits bookstores. Sara's also doing a book tour and will be in Huntington Beach, San Francisco and Portland soon.

With dishes like Beer Bean Sutffed Poblanos, Asian Tofu Tacos with Hoisin Slaw, Golden Beet Salad with Cider Dressing, Seared Scallops with Pomegranate Gastrique, Grapefruit Margaritas, Moroccan Stuffed Squash and Roasted Cauliflower Capellini, I'm hungry and ready for the next new cookbook to hit my kitchen!

Photo: Sprouted Kitchen website

27 July 2012

The Doxie office

Strangely enough, as a dog lover, local animal shelter volunteer, and owner of two incredibly cute, smart and funny Dachshunds (yes, I speak of them as if they are my kids, because they are), I had no idea Modern Dog magazine had such a great site and blogs! Really, how could that be? Somehow I found their Fave Finds and low and behold it had a few great Doxie treats that jumped off the page at me. First the cool vintage style clock from Naked Decor, who also have some fabulous Dachshund pillows and even more great animal items. And a Doxie desk organizer from Bit of Butter, who specialize in mid-century and Scandinavian Modern home goods. Fabulous for the Doxie lovers desk!

Photos: Naked Decor and Bit of Butter

25 July 2012

Even the Queen gets PMS

This completely made me laugh! There aren't too many things that don't find their way into PMS colors, but Queen Elizabeth II was definitely unexpected. Sixty years on the throne calls for 60 years of color matching, courtesy of Pantone and Leo Burnett London. Looks like she knows her pastels well! Read more over at Yatzer.

Photos: Yatzer website

23 July 2012

Dog days of summer

One of my favorites artists, William Wegman, has a new exhibit at Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick Maine. "William Wegman: Hello Nature," is a display of more than 100 works, including photographs, videos, paintings and drawings, from the artist's personal collection. I've really only seen his photography, so this would be a real treat to view some of his other work.

It's "the first exhibition to emphasize the connection to nature that runs through Wegman's lengthy career – not just in his famed photographs of his Weimaraner dogs, but across a wide range of media," said co-curator Kevin Salatino.

It just so happens I'll be in Maine very soon, so I'll definitely be popping by the show, which runs through 21 October 2012. Can't wait!

Photo: Bowdoin College Museum of Art website

Photo of the week

Venice, Italy. Standing under one of the beautiful archways of Doge's Palace.

22 July 2012

Beaded beauties

The minute I saw these beaded bracelets from Julie Rofman, I was brought back to my childhood of wearing friendship pins on my sneakers and bracelets on my wrists. Although the latter was made with embroidery thread. But Julia's creations are so much nicer, her beautiful beadwork is stunning! The Massachusetts native works from her studio in Los Angeles to create the unique intricately-patterned pieces that show off her attention to detail, color and composition. And that weaving technique with abstract shapes and vibrant color... well, that comes from her background as a gifted painter too! Each bracelet takes anywhere from two hours to two days, as she weaves Japanese delica beads on a small loom to create each extraordinary pixelated cuff.

Julie is inspired by artists like Vassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee (one of my favorites as well!) and beautifully combines traditional Native American patterns and island style using names for the pieces with exotic locale names like Ibiza, Oslo, Tahiti and Morocco. See more of her beautiful handmade work on her site. And don't forget to check out her incredible paintings!

Photo: Cool Hunting and Julie Rofman websites

21 July 2012

More than music in Austin

Everyone knows Austin is the live music capital of the world. But what the city really wanted to do was get the word out about all the others things Austin does great, like what you could before or after seeing a show. Local agency Proof Advertising created these eye-catching, country vintage posters to hang around town with taglines describing what else you'll find, like spring-fed pools, chicken shit bingo and great barbecue. Clever and fun!

Photos: CommArts website 

20 July 2012

Super bad, super clean

Super clean and gorgeous print collateral of Boulder, Colorado design studio, Berger & Föhr. And they even look like really nice, super clean guys!

Photos: Berger & Föhr website

More farm and table

The whole farm-to-table restaurant concept is a fabulous idea, but I get the feeling it's already on losing steam. Mostly because everybody jumped on the band wagon and now it doesn't seem so unique anymore. But in Komotini, Greece, Farma Kreaton (which means Meat Farm in Greek) brings more farm to the table than most I've seen here in the states, graphically speaking of course. Graphic designer Yiannis Tokalatsidis created whimsical hand-drawn cut-outs of cows, chickens and countryside scenery that give a real farm-to-table ambience and 'barn-yard chic' to the whole space. Included are hay bales, pitch forks, watering cans and a faux chicken coop, an ode how much work is done on the farm before the table. The minimalist setting looks cozy, chic and delicious! On the same property, is sister restaurant Fabrica Kreaton, both restaurants were designed by Greek architect and interior designer Minas Kosmidis, in a renovated 1950's farm house, which is reminiscent of a Greek butcher shop. Read and see more over at The Cool Hunter.

Photos: The Cool Hunter website

Grass as organizer

This grassy organizer is such a neat piece for your desk! It comes in white and green. Get one from the Container StoreUmbra or Amazon.

Photo: LookNoStyle flickr site

16 July 2012

Take this job and...

Take this Job and Love It, 'a one day live event about work, life and bucking the status quo' from author, designer, filmaker, artist, and firestarter James Victore, looks pretty interesting. Catch it in NYC on 29 September and get reduced pricing before July 18th.

Photo: DesignWorkLife website

Photo of the week

Florence, Italy. For some reason I became obsessed with photographing bicycles in Italy. I've got so many I might need to do a little compilation just for fun.

15 July 2012

Photography in the parks

The American Park Network and Canon have teamed up to bring us the 6th Annual Photography in the Parks, a FREE digital photography workshop in the most popular U.S. National Parks this summer. I think this is fabulous way to learn more about landscape photography in the most beautiful settings, photography experts included! If you live near Rocky Mountain, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Acadia, Grand Canyon or Zion national park, you're in luck! Check out the website for dates, the schedule and maps.

Photo: Acadia National Park, Google images

The dream lives on

Okay, I totally forgot to post about the SVA Masters Workshop this year. You know, the one I dream about attending every year to study the incredible world of Western typography in the land of its birthplace. But I can't complain, I did go to Italy this year and took part in my own study of sorts, and it was magnifico! Of course I didn't have one of my design heros to accompany me, the one and only Louise Fili, but maybe one day... a designer can dream right?

Photo: Louise Fili website

Bellissimo fonts

During my trip to Italy in May, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the beautiful signage, lettering and fonts. I noticed more than a few popular geometric san serif fonts and loved how some signage looked weathered and rustic. Gorgeous!

14 July 2012

Pets rock on

The uber talented Minneapolis design firm of Zeus Jones was tapped to collaborate on a series of posters for Purina ONE beyOnd's sponsorship for the Pitchfork Music festival. Purina wanted to 'create a giveaway that would feel authentic and relevant to the people attending the festival.' So Zeus Jones contacted some of their favorite designers and had them 'imagine just what "Pets Rock" meant to them' and celebrate the awesomeness of pets and music. Quite obviously Lab Partners, Brent Couchman, Tad Carpenter and Eight Hour Day didn't disappoint! Read more about the rockin' pet posters here.

Photos: Zeus Jones website

12 July 2012

The most beautiful watertower ever

Mosts artists love a good industrial watertower. Whether they paint a mural on it or photograph it, they can be fascinating to look at and are an integral part of the history of our landscape. But Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin has taken the watertower to a whole new level, no pun intended. His latest installment, Watertower, uses roughly one thousand scraps of locally sourced plexiglass to create a mesmerizing beacon of color. By day it shines by sunlight and at night, Ardunio-controlled light sequences designed by Ryan Holsopple start at dusk and continue until dawn. The Watertower will be on display until June of 2013. It's a must see if you're in NYC!

Photos: Tom Fruin website

10 July 2012

Tasty labels from Nick

Mix habaneros, labels, a rubber stamp and what do you get? The most delicious hand lettering sauce labels of course. Bob's Tasty Habanero label packaging, done by designer Nick Misani, is wicked (did I just say wicked? My Massachusetts roots are coming out this morning). Each label is hand printed with a rubber stamp, giving it an authentic vintage feel. Nick, who divides his time between New York and Italy (lucky man), is a hugely talented letterer. See more of his gorgeous work at his portfolio site. He even attended the SVA Masters Workshop in Rome earlier this year, so jealous!

Thanks to Serifs & Sans for the original post.

Photos: Nick Misani website

09 July 2012

Lettering love

I'm pretty mystified with Matthew Tapia's lettering and typographic work. No more words needed as his work says it all, but the guy even makes school lunch bags incredibly cool!

Photos: Matthew Tapia website

The most beautiful ampersand

Yeah, this is one super cool sweatshirt that will easily reach my closet. I mean, just look at that gorgeous ampersand! Thanks to Ugmonk for bringing ampersand back! Get yours here.

Photo: Ugmonk website

08 July 2012

Reading rooms

This is going to sound terrible, like a spoiled brat who just can't take beautiful weather anymore, but it's absolutely true. I can't. I'm craving a change in weather. Growing up in New England, the weather changed daily. I grew to love rainy afternoons even though we had them more than I probably wanted, but at least we had them. Ten years now living in Southern California could make a non-native girl stir crazy for weather, any weather. But sunny and 73° is truly the norm 364 days a year. Alright 363. Today, I wish it was raining, so I could cozy up and read, sketch or nap in any one of these welcoming nooks. I guess I'll have to shut the shades and dial up the sound machine to 'rain.'

07 July 2012

The writings on the wall

Everything from Therese Sennerholt's shop is sensational! The Sweden-based designer creates gorgeous black and white graphic prints with new and old quotations and sayings (some made up herself) with mad typographic prowess. All the prints come in a variety of sizes and are signed and numbered by the artist herself with a specially made stamp on the front of each print. Love them!

Photos: Therese Sennerholt website
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