27 November 2012

Freelance faces

This hilarious Freelance Freedom cartoon from the enormously talented artist N.C. Winters, pretty much sums up the way we sometimes do business in this social media world. As connected as we are, we also seem a little unconnected in many ways.

Be sure to check out the portfolio of Winters, you won't be disappointed! And he's got a great Festivus sale going on until January 1st.

Image: Freelance Switch  

24 November 2012

The List

Not doing a holiday wish list just seems weird and this year I actually have my act together (so far anyway), therefore I've got to do one. Unlike last season when I posted The List a wee bit late. So here are a few of my favorite 2012 gift picks for those special somebodies in your life.

Images: UncommonGoods, Creativebug, AFAR, Anthology, Ugmonk, FastCoDesign, Erica Tanov, Copenhagen Parts. 
A genius magnetic bike light from Copenhagen Parts.

This gorgeous multi-colored horn cuff from Erica Tanov will surely garner many compliments.

Who wouldn't want a cheery 6-piece desktop of gadgets from Spalvieri/Del Ciotto.

Mason jar + cocktail shaker = Mason Shaker. Coolest thing going.

Clearly a water bottle with style: no rolling and top/bottom lids for easy cleaning, only from Square.

No list is complete without something from Ugmonk.
AFAR and Anthology are two of the best magazines on the newsstand. 
A gift subscription to Creativebug will keep on giving.

Simplify the lunch process with the Stackable Tiffin Lunch Pot from UncommonGoods.

22 November 2012

Thanks and giving

It's hard to believe my favorite holiday is upon us. Didn't I just place the fall arrangement with pumpkins, indian corn and haybales on the stoop? Why am I seeing a ton of sparkly Christmas lights already? Sheesh, you think we'd take a little time to enjoy the moment without rushing into the next one. Well, I'll get to the damn Christmas decor when I'm ready, but today I'm going to relax and enjoy the pleasures of being leisurely and lazy; eating, napping, reading and thinking about the things that bring me happiness. I've also made Thanksgiving dinner slightly easier for myself this year. Instead of doing the full on turkey dinner, which I love to do, I'm stuffing (no pun intended) all the dinner ingredients into a panini for Thanksgiving Paninis! How fabulous right? I got the idea from Williams-Sonoma and with my new (re-gifted actually) panini maker (thanks Mom) gleaming at me, I couldn't resist. Dinner's at 2, so I'll surely Instagram the deliciousness.

Until then, let's break down Thanksgiving. Thanks and Giving, a wonderful holiday message indeed. Thanks to all those who make my life happy, fulfilled and content and giving me love and laughter each and every day! I feel you.

Photo: Williams-Sonoma

19 November 2012

Breakaway branding

I'm currently on my knees bowing down to Boston-based Bluerock Design Co. Not because they are most likely die hard Red Sox fans, but because of their phenomenal portfolio of design and photography. I came across a recent project of theirs on Grain Edit, for the non-profit Cycle Kids, who's mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle choices by introducing kids to the joy or bicycling and educating them about bike safety and nutrition. Breakaway is their annual fundraising ride event to bring awareness to families ad prospective donors for Cycle Kids. And let me tell you, it would be hard for anyone not to take a second glance at this amazing event branding! The color palette, naming, signage, tickets, water bottles, t-shirts... the design details are superb! See more over at Bluerock, and while you're there, check out their photography, it's stunning!

Photos: Bluerock Design

18 November 2012

Sleep and the city

The San Francisco City Quilt

The Paris City Quilt
Can I first start by saying, these are just cool as shit! My cousin does amazing, let me say that again... amazing quilts. I've seen first hand the time, creativity and patience it takes to complete them. It's truly a labor of love. And these Soft Maps from Brooklyn's Haptic Lab are no different. Whether Paris, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Brooklyn, London or LA (and they have more cities), each and every quilt is entirely hand-stitched by Haptic's certified fair labor partners in India, made of 100% ivory cotton and represents the map of your favorite city neighborhoods. Who knew a quilted city grid could be so beautiful!

Images: Haptic Lab

The pessimists appointment book

Looking for a great gift for the pessimist in your life? Then the Disappointments Dairy 2013 from Ashbury&Ashbury will be perfect. With pages for People Who Never Call and People You Owe Money, it's sure to keep them feeling woeful throughout 2013!

Images: DesignMilk

17 November 2012

Lincoln Center gets a lawn

New York City has undergone some amazing transformations over the last decade. In addition to the 9/11 Memorial, one of the other most visible projects has probably been the High Line, an elevated public park transformed from an old freight line, from design and architecture firm Diller, Scofidio + Renfro. But another DS+R project is the Hypar Pavilion at Lincoln Center, a free standing structure accommodating a public green space and restaurant all in one... and it's pretty amazing! Green is definitely a great color and contrast to concrete and steel for any city.

via arch daily: The dual requirements of a destination restaurant and a public green space located within the confines of the Plaza are satisfied with a single architectural gesture sited between the reflecting pool and the plaza’s north edge. Elizabeth Diller comments, “Hypar Pavilion’s moment of invention came when we discovered how to design a destination restaurant without consuming public space on the Lincoln Center campus. The roof became a new kind of interface between public and private, with an occupiable twisting grass canopy over a glass pavilion restaurant.”

Photos: arch daily website 

Steady Print Shop

And speaking of the Steady Print Shop from that last post, they've got the best hours I've ever seen. Good thing they've got a fabulous online shop!

Photo: Steady Print Shop website

Snoopy says it all

I've always been a huge Charles M. Schultz fan, but this print from Minneapolis Steady Print Shop Co. is hilarious. The 'Fuck It' paired with an old Snoopy drawing really is perfect for the curmudgeon in your life! Pick one up here.

Photo: Steady Print Shop Co. website

Marvelous map from Matt

Matt Chase is a Washington D.C. based designer and illustrator and he's simply marvelous! But here's the back story... London's Herb Lester Associates researches, writes, prints and distributes maps and guides of the world's great cities, to the world's great cities. They seek out the well-used and much-loved and enjoy the extraordinary as well as the everyday. They work with exceptional illustrators and designers and produce some of the coolest maps I've ever seen. Now to introduce Matt Chase. I've blogged about Matt before, because, well, he's got huge talent. This time around, he's created a stunning map of Copenhagen for Herb Lester which features colorful and vintage-inspired illustrations. I'm completely in love! Get one here for your trip to Denmark. Matt also has the one of the best looking resumes I've come across. What's on the resume is as impressive as how it's on the resume. Scroll to the bottom and take a look.

Photos: DesignWorkLife

12 November 2012

Good, cheap or fast?

Yeah, this about sums it all up. It's from the fabulous new launch of Mr. Cup from Fabien Barral. Read more about the amazing Mr. Barral here.

Photo: Mr. Cup website

Great business cards

These business card designs really caught my eye over at Top Design Magazine via bkmacdaddy. And that yellow of Johan Velez, love it.... it's the perfect yellow ever!

Positive paper

This paper sculpture from Mumbai designer Sabeena Karnik puts a smile on my face. It's just so beautifully uplifting!

Photo: Behance

11 November 2012

Digging Digby & Iona

Currently one of his favorite pieces, the Atreyu Ring.

I'm always fascinated to see other artists' work spaces. Mainly because when you're an artist, the environment you surround yourself with is a direct reflection of what inspires you. And the spaces of people who work with their hands, not a computer, fascinate me the most! (Note to self, I really must get away from the keyboard more often.) Aaron Ruff, the man behind the beautiful Digby & Iona jewelry lines, has that kind of space. While Aaron describes his environment as loud and messy, to me it's a little vintage, industrial, dirty and magical! I love it... and his jewelry.

Originally from Maine and the son of a craftsman, he creates his jewelry lines in his Brooklyn studio along with his rescue dog Nuki. The lines are inspired by everything from history and literature, to the design of nature and tools of necessity. And the name Digby & Iona? It's named after two quiet seaside towns from a trip to Nova Scotia even before the company had ever been established, where he felt a connection with the small province and a want to maintain a level of anonymity.

Aaron's jewelry is just as magical! Every piece reveals a true, hand-made, one-of-a-kind feel. Personally, The Wood and War of 1812 lines are my favorite! Design Milk has a nice q&a with Aaron to read more.

Photos: Design Milk
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