17 November 2012

Marvelous map from Matt

Matt Chase is a Washington D.C. based designer and illustrator and he's simply marvelous! But here's the back story... London's Herb Lester Associates researches, writes, prints and distributes maps and guides of the world's great cities, to the world's great cities. They seek out the well-used and much-loved and enjoy the extraordinary as well as the everyday. They work with exceptional illustrators and designers and produce some of the coolest maps I've ever seen. Now to introduce Matt Chase. I've blogged about Matt before, because, well, he's got huge talent. This time around, he's created a stunning map of Copenhagen for Herb Lester which features colorful and vintage-inspired illustrations. I'm completely in love! Get one here for your trip to Denmark. Matt also has the one of the best looking resumes I've come across. What's on the resume is as impressive as how it's on the resume. Scroll to the bottom and take a look.

Photos: DesignWorkLife

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