30 December 2012

Reading into the New Year

I'm going to reveal something that could stun, shock or simply make you think I'm totally sad. My friends, I've only been out once for New Year's since the whole Y2K thing. I kid not and it's been completely by choice. While I'm a very social person and enjoy the company of friends and family alike, I find New Year's Eve to be a bit of a drag, a complete let down really. On New Year's Eve the night builds slowly with laughter, fun and anticipation, then at the stroke of midnight... I'm strangely waiting for something, anything, to happen. But yet, nothing. The next thing I know I'm saying goodbyes and driving on the road with a bunch of drunks. Not the kind of evening I like to partake really, as I've discovered.

Rather, I now like to use New Year's Eve, as a day of looking back and looking forward. A self-examination of sorts I guess. What did I learn and discover over the last year, where do I want to be in the next... you know, all the same questions we ask ourselves during the 'resolution' phase of the year. And this Eve, I'll be adding the wise words of Work for Money, Design for Love from David Airey to my self-examination (a fine gift indeed courtesy of some loved ones!) Work for Money, Design for Love is Airey's latest book, chockfull of answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting a design business. I can't wait to dig in and explore!

So as the stroke of midnight nears, you'll find me with my book, eating takeaway Thai food, Mallowmars and sipping bubbly with 'When Harry Met Sally' on the tube, the best tradition to ring in the New Year with my beloved! May 2013 bring us all good health and much happiness!

Photo: David Airey website

25 December 2012

Last minute gift

I'm loving these simple, beautiful and festive Christmas Tree Blocks from House Industries! Fourteen blocks spell Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, are made from replenishable Michigan-grown, kiln-dried basswood and printed by hand with non-toxic, lead-free child-safe inks. Just perfect for adults and children alike! Order them over at House Industries.

Images: House Industries

Happy Christmas

I know it's Christmas and all, but I couldn't resist posting these mini cupcakes today, not only do they look amazingly festive, they're easy to make. Get the details from Jenny over at Hank & Hunt.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Photo: Hank & Hunt

23 December 2012

Rebranding Santa Claus, or not?

I recently saw an article on CNN asking 'Should Santa Claus still be fat?' So I guess it's apropos to examine rebranding Santa Claus and Helsinki-based creative agency Bond has done the work for us. And although he doesn't seem as weighty as he once was, it's apparent glasses, a long grey speckly beard and an older retired looking man, perhaps around the age of 100, are still clearly in the running. And not too shocking, Santa still looks like Santa... only a tad bit trimmer, but still as charming as ever! View more over at Bond.

Images: Behance

The coolest corporate cafeteria

Well, leave it to Facebook to have the coolest cafeteria out there. They hired New York firm Roman & Williams, the masters of rustic chic, to create their Epic Cafe. What evolved was a cafeteria that sits somewhere between a schoolhouse lunch line and a half-finished construction site, matching their corporate mentality of leaving things open to iteration. And it's comfortable perfection! Read more over at FastCoDesign.

Images: FastCoDesign

Sensational seating

Now here's a sofa bench that looks just as good from the front as the back, maybe even better. It's the Borghese sofa, designed by French artist NoĆ© Duchaufour Lawrance and it's network of branches rise up the back to hold three cushions, creating the most sensational sofa back I've ever seen! The sofa was inspired by the pine trees of the beautiful Villa Borghese in Rome, the largest public park in the city and is part of the inaugural collection of newly created French furniture, rugs and lighting company La Chance and comes in shades of green or grey. However, the green is certainly the way to go!

Images: FastCoDesign

18 December 2012

All warm and fuzzy

The items in this Winter Cabin Collection sure make you want to get snowed in and hunker down! The line began as a lettering project for Mary Kate McDevitt, and grew into a limited edition line with printing by Man vs Ink and sewing and design by Wanderlust vintage & handmade. The collection includes blankets, pillows, postcards, prints and anything else to make you feel warm and fuzzy. All available on their Big Cartel site.

Photos: Winter Cabin Collection, DesignWorkLife

14 December 2012

Tiffany's turn

Wow. These beautiful illustrations from Peterborough, NH-based painter Matte Stephens definitely caught my eye! Or was it the palette of a familiar robin's egg blue color? Either way, believe it or not, these amazing illustrations were created for the Tiffany & Co. iPad app for two games that children can play in-store, while their parents shop away. What a great way to keep people lingering a little longer to buy a that special gift in a blue box. Genius. Read more over at Grain Edit.

Photos: Grain Edit

12 December 2012

Postcards on the edge

Since I can remember, I've collected postcards from every place I've traveled. They are currently sitting in a box on a shelf somewhere, but maybe it's time to display them. It's also a great reminder of how wonderful it is to send and receive a handwritten note from someone in another place! And I love the idea of displaying them like the Craver family of Littleton, CO did on their wall above. Their lovingly restored home was brought back to it's original charm with lots of mid-century modern details. Apartment Therapy has all the details, check it out!

Photo: Apartment Therapy

A Brazilian beauty

This Yucatan House in Sao Paulo, Brazil was designed by Isay Weinfeld for a young couple and their children. While looking modern and minimalist, it still embodies a warm, welcoming feel. Who wouldn't want a floating dining room and perfectly cozy sunken living room with 180° views of the outdoors! The owners are avid contemporary art collectors and the spacious, bright environment  displays their pieces in a comfortable atmosphere without feeling like a sterile museum. See more over at Design Milk.

Photos: Design Milk

Another one

Karen and Jess got it right. Just what the world needs....another fucking tote. This one should sure garner a few laughs though. Get yours here!

Photo: Another Fucking Tote Etsy site

06 December 2012

Mark your calendar

It's that time of year again! Get your Massimo Vignelli designed Stendig 2013 Calendar to fill that incredibly sterile office wall. You won't be disappointed with this classic!

Photo: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply

Views on Venice

I'm mesmerized by these incredible long exposure images of Venice from Antonello Zoffoli. See more of these amazing photos on his Behance site.

Photos: Antonello Zoffoli via Behance

05 December 2012

A little cozy

If you're a photographer and dog lover, you're going to love this! The Dog Camera Cozy is from the very crafty Danish American Sarah Goldschadt. It doesn't look like they are for sale, but I have a feeling there could be a big market for these adorable schnozes! Sarah is also the author of the wonderful Craft-a-Day.

Photos: Sarah Goldschadt

A different kind of Chop Stick

This is definitely one super cool treehouse! Visiondivision was commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an innovative concession stand for 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park, adjacent to the museum. Dubbed 'Chop Stick', the treehouse cum concession stand is made from the trunk of a 100-foot yellow poplar tree that was found in Indiana. The park itself is one of the largest museum art parks in the country with 100-acres that includes woodlands, wetlands, meadows, a 35-acre lake and the only one to feature the ongoing commission of site-specific artworks. They can now add a treehouse that serves up sweet sap from the snack counter!

Read more about the building process over at FastCoDesign and Visiondivision.

Photos: FastCoDesign

02 December 2012

Good Greek

Brooklyn-based studio Red Antler recently completed this delicious brand identity for GRK, a new casual Greek restaurant in NYC. And let's face it, it's not easy giving anything Greek a fresh new look, but Red Antler succeeded, and then some!

Images: DesignWorkLife

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