05 December 2012

A different kind of Chop Stick

This is definitely one super cool treehouse! Visiondivision was commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an innovative concession stand for 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park, adjacent to the museum. Dubbed 'Chop Stick', the treehouse cum concession stand is made from the trunk of a 100-foot yellow poplar tree that was found in Indiana. The park itself is one of the largest museum art parks in the country with 100-acres that includes woodlands, wetlands, meadows, a 35-acre lake and the only one to feature the ongoing commission of site-specific artworks. They can now add a treehouse that serves up sweet sap from the snack counter!

Read more about the building process over at FastCoDesign and Visiondivision.

Photos: FastCoDesign

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