30 December 2012

Reading into the New Year

I'm going to reveal something that could stun, shock or simply make you think I'm totally sad. My friends, I've only been out once for New Year's since the whole Y2K thing. I kid not and it's been completely by choice. While I'm a very social person and enjoy the company of friends and family alike, I find New Year's Eve to be a bit of a drag, a complete let down really. On New Year's Eve the night builds slowly with laughter, fun and anticipation, then at the stroke of midnight... I'm strangely waiting for something, anything, to happen. But yet, nothing. The next thing I know I'm saying goodbyes and driving on the road with a bunch of drunks. Not the kind of evening I like to partake really, as I've discovered.

Rather, I now like to use New Year's Eve, as a day of looking back and looking forward. A self-examination of sorts I guess. What did I learn and discover over the last year, where do I want to be in the next... you know, all the same questions we ask ourselves during the 'resolution' phase of the year. And this Eve, I'll be adding the wise words of Work for Money, Design for Love from David Airey to my self-examination (a fine gift indeed courtesy of some loved ones!) Work for Money, Design for Love is Airey's latest book, chockfull of answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting a design business. I can't wait to dig in and explore!

So as the stroke of midnight nears, you'll find me with my book, eating takeaway Thai food, Mallowmars and sipping bubbly with 'When Harry Met Sally' on the tube, the best tradition to ring in the New Year with my beloved! May 2013 bring us all good health and much happiness!

Photo: David Airey website

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David Airey said...

I hope you enjoy the read, Lynne. All the very best for 2013!

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