31 January 2013

LA Art Book Fair

If you're in the LA area this weekend, check out the first annual LA Art Book Fair at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA presented by Printed Matter, Inc. It's the companion fair to the annual NY Art Book Fair and features works from over 220 international presses, booksellers, antiquarians, artists and independent publishers from twenty-one countries.

Photo: LA Art Book Fair

30 January 2013

A little ray of sunshine

Not only is this a gorgeous photo, but the drink itself, the Winter Sun Cocktail, sounds quite delicious! I can almost taste that sugary rim....

Photo: Two Tarts via Swiss Miss

27 January 2013

A brand at hightide

Even though I was born and raised in New England, I'm not much of a seafood gal. I know, it's so wrong not to want to drown lobster in a vat of butter, shuck open fresh oysters and down a few Sam Adams with a side of fries or cole slaw on a beach perfect summer day... or a cloudy fall day for that matter. I do however enjoy a great cup of clam chowder when I'm in town. But the delicious looking Portland, Maine restaurant Eventide might just convert this now California fresh girl courtesy of Portland-based brand firm Might & Main! Identifying the characteristics that define Eventide; approachability, handmade, maritime and timeworn, Might & Main created a brand that includes a stylized monogam E logotype, custom oyster illustrations, quotes about oysters, and a sea-inspired palette ranging from deep to pale blues paired with rustic browns and creams. I'm hungry already! But it's gets better... for the collateral pieces rubber stamps of the logo and oyster illustrations are used to brand everything from menus to take-away bags. And anyone that uses a rubber stamp is definitely a friend of mine! Next time I'm in Maine, I'll be sure stop by and see what the menu holds for me!

Photo: CommArts

Checking in at Wanderlust

Yes, the Foreign Policy Design Group has done amazing yet again! I absolutely love the travel inspired branding created for the fabulously hip Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore. Taking inspiration from the Wanderlust name itself, meaning 'a strong innate desire to travel,' the brand is full of small design treats and surprises at every turn from the airmail tricolor band synonymous with traveling to the city brochure tucked into an 'air-ticket wallet.' From the moment you check-in, checked baggage tags, postcards and a notebook aptly named Itinerary, is used as a multi-purpose room-directory/guide book/journal for each guest and serve as a welcome to a multi-culturally city worthy of much exploration! See more over at the FPDG website.

Photos: Foreign Policy Design Group

Ready for Spring

Coming off a hectic week with cold temperatures and no blogging (hate when that happens!), I found these delightful floral prints from designer/illustrator Caitlin McClain of Little Low Studio perfectly uplifting! Everything in her Etsy store is wonderful, but I especially liked these illustrations of regional floral and fauna. She's got the Midwest, East, West, North and South blooming with color and ready to add a little spring to your wall!

Photo: Little Low Studio

20 January 2013

Secondary trash

For those who are lazy and can't be bothered to donate their unwanted possessions, socially-minded Dutch designer Simon Akkaya of Waarmakers has just the thing for you! He created the Goedzak trash bag, for items that are slightly used, but still useable. It's a friendly way to offer products a second chance and stimulate sustainable behavior. The see-through bag allows people not to pick through the garbage contents, but take a quick peek to see if anything is appealing. Brilliant! Read more over at FastCoExist.

Images: Waarmakers

Underground is cooking

The Underground Cookery School in London was set up in the summer of 2013 to offer a fun and informal way of learning uncomplicated, delicious, contemporary cooking. The owner, Matt Kemp, looked to Two Times Elliott to develop their brand... and I must say, it is quite delicious! It's clean, modern and a little rustic just like the school. One of the best features is the print pieces use tactile, recycled boards paying homage to the surroundings in which the school sits. Tastefully done!

Images: Serifs & Sans

18 January 2013

Bellissimo business cards

I keep finding incredible looking business cards this week! Los Angeles designer Eva Black created this gorgeous card for Bianca Gignac of Italian Fix, a blog and travel guide about Italy. The cards were printed by Cotton Paperie and hand painted. Eva and Bianca obviously have great taste!

Photos: Eva Black

16 January 2013

The magnificent Mercado

Brand Strategy Director Vasco DurĂ£o of creative agency Mola Ativis in Lisbon Portugal created this gorgeous Mercado 1143 signage. The colors, materials, texture and typography are just super! View the entire Mercado 1143 branding here and here on Behance. It's spectacular, seriously! Impressive work all around from Mola.

Photo: Designspiration

A beautiful welcome

There is something magical about this photo. I found it randomly while searching the internet a few days ago. It's obviously somewhere in Tuscany, but I couldn't find out more details using the language from the post on Google translate. It simply says, "Diner, simple and beautiful." Restaurant or not, I could easily picture this being my front door or the entrance to my office. Wouldn't that be so welcoming!

Photo: Casa da Gabi

15 January 2013

The perfect balance

Blending rustic and modern is no easy feat. But Casa Jardin in El Salvador by Cinco Patas Al Gato is absolute perfection! I love modern and rustic and if I wanted both in a home, this home would pretty much be the one! It's structured around a garden, where virtually all the rooms have direct access via covered pathways. The use of stone, natural wood and rocks, creates a magnificent cozy feel blended with modern, geometric lines. And sliding glass doors blur indoor/outdoor living seamlessly. A few pops of mid-century furniture and it's absolute perfection! See more photos over at DesignMilk. Oh, and the house photos were taken by the very talented Jason Bax. I highly suggest a gander at his incredible photography portfolio here... his India and Nepal shots are stunning!

Photos: Jason Bax, DesignMilk

12 January 2013

A needle for Phoenix

Providing investors come forth quickly for the $60 million dollar project, you can bet when I'm in Phoenix in 2014, I'll be headed to the new Phoenix Observation Tower. Standing at 420 feet tall, the Phoenix Observation Tower (or POT for short), is the brain child of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Novawest Ventures. They envision a 70,000-square-foot spiral walkway that descends from a flat outdoor deck and would lead visitors into a 100-seat bar area, exhibition space, retail space and a lounge and restaurant. Although still a bit of a pipe dream, it's not a bad way to take in the sunset over the desert mountains and would certainly be something to visit, at least once anyway. Read more over at FastCoDesign.

Photos: FastCoDesign

The dream card

Who wouldn't want their business card to have utterly gorgeous lettering from Jessica Hische on it? And how about that fabulous yellow? The lovely lettering is also on Kate's site. I'm dreaming.

Photo: Designspiration

Objects worth seeing

One of my favorite blogs is Objects: A Travelogue by Pam Peterson. Her eye for design is exquisite and never ending. I'm in awe of her talent, roster of accomplishments and current life of writing, traveling and photographing the world over. She posts the most unique things with creative perfection. Currently, she's in Iceland (I'm so jealous!) and posted this gorgeous photo of Reykjavik homes. I keep looking back at this photo, it just mesmerizes me. If you have time, you really must stop by her blog and take a look around. She has a quote from Henry Ford on her site that reads... "Every object tells a story." How true it is. Thanks to Pam for sharing all her extraordinary adventures, for I feel like I'm traveling along with her, taking in all the unique and wonderful things most people overlook when traveling. She captures the very heart of soul of every place she encounters!

Photo: Objects, Pam Peterson

06 January 2013

A card to die for

This diecut business card for MOCA is truly to die for. Design elegance at its best! Although I think the text could be a bit smaller (since it's all in caps) and with a little more leading.

05 January 2013

I left my heart...

Breathtaking vistas, cable cars, foggy morning air, oh and that bridge, that bridge! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, so when I recently found these fabulous screen prints from Lab Partners, my heart fluttered a bit. They perfectly capture all the landmarks that make the City by the Bay so wonderful in retro-modern style. And they are all for sale in the Lab Partners shop, along with a variety of other great illustrated posters and prints.

Images: Lab Partners
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