12 January 2013

Objects worth seeing

One of my favorite blogs is Objects: A Travelogue by Pam Peterson. Her eye for design is exquisite and never ending. I'm in awe of her talent, roster of accomplishments and current life of writing, traveling and photographing the world over. She posts the most unique things with creative perfection. Currently, she's in Iceland (I'm so jealous!) and posted this gorgeous photo of Reykjavik homes. I keep looking back at this photo, it just mesmerizes me. If you have time, you really must stop by her blog and take a look around. She has a quote from Henry Ford on her site that reads... "Every object tells a story." How true it is. Thanks to Pam for sharing all her extraordinary adventures, for I feel like I'm traveling along with her, taking in all the unique and wonderful things most people overlook when traveling. She captures the very heart of soul of every place she encounters!

Photo: Objects, Pam Peterson

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