26 February 2013

Flight tags as posters

If my baggage tags looked like these, I'd definitely keep them! These gorgeous designed Flight Tag posters are from London-based designer/illustrator Neil Stevens. They were inspired by lovely set of found old airline baggage tags from the 1950s. He noticed the old tags often avoided logos, had no advertising and were purely just the information needed. If the prints prove popular he'll make them available in his online shop this Spring. I'm pretty sure they will! And don't miss his Tour de France series of posters, they're magnificent!

Photos: Neil Stevens

22 February 2013

The sketchbook of logos

I love admiring the sketchbooks of letterers and calligraphers! Brazilian type designer Jackson Alves is sharing his amazing talents in a series of photos showing original sketches to final logos right here! Check it out.

Photo: Jackson Alves

NYC Transit Authority Standards Manual

Design blogs near and far are posting what is perhaps the most historical find in the design community in decades. And it starts like a Hollywood movie.... inside a locker, beneath old gym clothes at the New York office of Pentagram, someone finds a first edition copy of the New York Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual designed by none other than Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda of Unimark International in 1970. Dun, dun, da. A huge thanks to Niko Skourtis, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth who made it possible for all of us to enjoy and drool over the full 182 pages online. Love those faded yellowy pages!

Photos: The Standards Manual website

18 February 2013


Natalia Gomensoro, otherwise known as Metalnat, is a NYC-based artist who creates gorgeous necklaces, rings and earrings from a variety of materials, but mostly metal. Hence her name, Metalnat. I love this geometric aluminum and leather prism necklace of hers! Many of Natalia's distinctive designs can be bought in her Etsy shop.

Photo: Design Milk

The floating desk

This is simply the most beautiful desk without legs! The minimalist Float Wall Desk by Dario Antonioni of Orange22 Design Lab is a clever multi-functional surface, perfect for both a laptop or desktop situation. It's wall mounted like a shelf, eliminates legs and provides a full surface slide out tray and wire management slot. You can get one over at the Design Lab shop.

Photos: Orange22 Design Lab

16 February 2013

Illustrator extraordinaire: Cristiana Couceiro

I've posted the work of the very talented Lisbon-based illustrator Cristiana Couceiro here before, but I just can't help to do it again! Her work is inspiring and absolutely brillant! I love this cover collage illustration she did for The Daily Beast. See more of her amazing work on her website. And she also has a great blog Hue + Saturation well worth perusing.

Image: Cristiana Couceiro

Hangar One flying high

It's no easy feat to make Vodka packaging stand out among the plethora of options these days. But Hangar One does, in a very different, unique way! Hangar One's newest packaging line is influenced by it's artisanal fresh fruit infusions and distillation in Holstein Stills. What do you get? A packaging featuring apothecary-style bottles with embossed measurements along the side and a stopper cap reminiscent of a chemistry beaker. Add to that textured labels embossed with their aircraft logo and hand-drawn visuals and these gorgeous (and great tasting I might add) babies should fly off the shelves, thanks to the very talented work of Stranger and Stranger. Cheers!

Photos: Lovely Package

Look out below

A gigantic dog is peeing on the side of the Orange County Museum of Art... ? The sculpture by LA-based artist Richard Jackson is something I just might have to go see to believe. He'll be peeing on the museum until 5 May 2013.

Photos: DesignTaxi

15 February 2013

Sublime scaffolding

I'm stunned by the sheer beauty of these scaffolding illustrations by Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss who make up Atelier Olschinsky of Vienna Austria. The grid lover I am, it's no surprise I love these complex illustrations. They've also done some amazing Pixel City illustration series too. I'm spellbound with their beauty!

Images: Atelier Olschinsky

14 February 2013

Have table, will plant

This is genius... and I want one! Read more about this super cool Volcan planter table by French design studio Bellila over at Design Bureau.

Photos: Design Bureau

09 February 2013

A studio of minimal

Here's the flip side to my last post on the mammoth Tel Aviv offices of Google. The opposite of over the top is minimal and nothing represents that better than the super clean office space of Sagmeister & Walsh, one of the top design studios in the world. I think I'm going to go arrange my library of books by color... right now.

Photo: Sagmeister & Walsh

Oogling Google

Even if you absolutely loathe your job, this office would keep you coming back day after day, wouldn't it? With three restaurants and plenty of lounge areas for communal creativity, it would have to right? Take a gander at the Google offices in Tel Aviv. Even more photos over at GOOD with a great write-up on the 850,000 square foot space.

And GOOD asks, could a more minimal working environment actually foster more creative thought? And would working in a space like this inspire or hinder your creative energy? Food for thought...

Photos: GOOD

Today in Manila

The Graphika Conference on Creativity is taking place today in Manila and features some of the best creative speakers from around the world; Jessica Walsh, Benja Harney, James White, Ryan Honey, Devil Robots, Armand Serrano and Benjamin Seide. With this roster of talent, I'm hoping the next venue is slightly closer to California. But those Manila graphics and website... pretty darn sweet!

Image: Graphika Manila

07 February 2013

Pour House is rich

Fabulous lettering right? I was taken aback when I saw a write-up in the latest issue of Design Bureau magazine on the architect, Arch-H who designed the Old Town Pour House in Chicago. Not only is the old-school beer hall interior magnificent, so is the branding. Unfortunately, I couldn't find who did the logo and branding, but here's a big shout out to whomever did! It's definitely worth a visit the next time you're in Chicago for a great pour!

Photo: Old Town Pour House

04 February 2013

Two Arms of talent

Two Arms is the coolest little studio in Brooklyn, NY run by illustration and design team Michael Table and Karen Goheen and best known for their gritty silkscreened rock posters. The studio operates as half print-shop producing limited edition art prints and rock posters of their creation. But they do so much more! I love this very typographic letterpress business card they did for Bailey Hunter, a tattoo artist in Brooklyn. Definitely take a look at their vast portfolio of talent here!

Photos: Two Arms
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