29 March 2013

Quote of the day

This is definitely my new favorite quote!

Photo: Design Seeds

28 March 2013

Pantone Easter Eggs

There isn't a product out there than can't be Pantone-ified. How about some Pantone inspired Easter Eggs? Graphic Designer Jessica Jones couldn't resist. And she's provided directions on her fabulous blog How About Orange, so you too can have Pantone Easter Eggs!

Photo: Jessica Jones

Colors speak all languages

Istanbul street photographer Mehmet Kırali is listed as one of the 5 Instagramers from around the world worth following. And you can clearly see why. His imagery is colorful, powerful and breathtaking. Take a gander at his Instagram photos and see why he says 'colors speak all languages.'

Photos: Mehmet Kirali

24 March 2013

Apothecary love

Wouldn't it be wonderful if American pharmacies looked like this Icelandic apothecary? Maybe we'd be healthier. Okay, maybe not healthier, but at least a little happier. Read more over at The Fox is Black.

Photos: The Fox is Black

Isla de Formentera

Equis Garcia is a designer and illustrator from Salamanca, Spain and now lives and works in New York City. His work embodies intricate lettering and beautiful motifs and mediums. Like this lettering for a tour guide cover for the isle of Formentera, the smaller and more southerly island of the Pitiusic Islands group.

via Equis Garcia: Sand and aquamarine beads combine to pay tribute to the idllic Mediterranean island of Isla de Formentera, with Roman origins and a hippie past.


Photos: Equis Garcia

23 March 2013

The only camera bag you'll ever need

Now this is one sharp looking camera bag with some serious style! But it's not the only sharp looking bag they have... and the best part is they don't actually look like camera bags. Check out Ona for more. 

Photo: Ona

Illustrator Extraordinaire: Tom Whalen

You definitely know Pennsylvania illustrator and designer Tom Whalen, you just don't know it. His illustrations are extraordinary and you've probably seen them somewhere before. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin on his plethora of work, it's incredible! All I can say is go over to his site and take a look around. I think you'll be just as overwhelmed as I with his enormous talent, which is directly related to his infatuation with all things giant, monsters and comic books!

Photos: Tom Whalen 

Photographer Extraordinaire: Steve Moore

So what do you after a crazy busy work week to unwind and relax? I can think of a lot things, but this week, one look at the amazing photography of Huntington Beach artist Steve Moore put me at ease. His incredible landscape shots are stunning and soothing all in one. He has an incredible eye for the perfect angle and direction... and not just in his landscapes. Check out his portrait work too, they're just as beautiful!

Photos: Steve Moore

16 March 2013

Juicy packaging, really

While I'm not so much into juice cleansing, I am into this packaging from Vancouver-based Glasfurd & Walker for The Juice Cleanse! Well I'm actually into the entire identity, especially those great looking icons. The whole branding is super attractive and... clean, for the lack of a better word. It's perfectly minimal and easy. Here's a little more how they got there...

via Glasfurd & Walker: A health conscious and ethical approach to cleansing needed to be communicated in an educational, yet light hearted and friendly way.The brand language is a development and extension of the Juice Truck identity that uses light humour and direct, no-fuss language and iconography to communicate their products offer.

See more of their sensational work here!

Photos: Glasfurd & Walker

Mid-Century Canada

Mention mid-century and I get giddy. It's almost time for the annual summer road trip to Palm Springs, therefore I'm definitely slipping in the mid-century mood again. So I have to feature this dynamite personal project from Ottawa-based designer Michael George Haddad. He designed a vintage-inspired logo style for every province in Canada. You can view all the province icons over at his site here. The positive response to this fabulous project was so overwhelming, Michael has now created a limited edition 18" x 24" letterpress (my kind of man!) poster featuring all thirteen icons. You can get one at his Etsy site here. Mid-century suits Canada very well, thanks to Michael!

Photos: Michael George Haddad

15 March 2013

Crumbled quotes

If you're like me, when you receive a poster in the mail and one of the corners is dinged, you're hugely disappointed. Or you grab not the top magazine in the stack on the newstand, but maybe the third of fourth one in, because heaven forbid you get one with creased corners. Well, these artfully crumpled typographic posters from Switzerland-based design Claudia Eggimann are just what the OCD person like us needs. Because let's face it, we need some imperfections in our lives once in a while to put us outside of our comfort zone. They're hand painted and delivered in the most uniquely folded, equally crumpled envelope. Brilliant!

Photos: Claudia Eggimann 

12 March 2013

Copenhagen Metro needs this branding

San Francisco-based designer Chris Mann designed this wonderfully graphic branding and wayfinding for the Copenhagen Metro. I don't know if this is an actual project or a personal one, but either way Chris's brand looks a whole lot better than the current Copenhagen Metro. Denmark would be remiss if they didn't take notice of this very cool and thoughtful identity!

Photos: Chris Mann
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