06 March 2013

Stoëmp makes a mean map

I've got an affinity for maps. Good looking maps. I think it started when I was just a tike... not only did I have a Dad who would break out the Rand McNally Atlas during roadtrips, but I also had a puzzle that was a map of the United States. God, I loved that thing. I would imagine I was a travel agent and guide people around the nation, pointing out capitals, lakes and mountain ranges. But I digress. Today, a map from Brussels-based design studio Stoëmp has caught my eye and it's a beauty! It's a whimsically illustrated map with icons and signage for Paira Daiza, a zoo and botanical garden in Belgium. What I particularly like about this map? It's not the kitschy zoo maps get upon arrival at say, the San Diego Zoo or Sea World. The map for Paira Daiza has taste, it's elegant, fun and colorful... and yes, I think all those things can live in harmony together if done right. And Stoëmp has definitely done it!

Photos: Stoemp

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