27 May 2013

A beautiful butcher

Tomorrow is a big day foodies. The USDA is lifting its ban on the import of cured Italian meats into the United States. Yes, friends you heard it here first, well kind of. It won't be long until salami, bresaola, prosciutto, culatello and more, hit our plates. In honor of those salty, scrumptious treats, I wanted to share a beautiful branding and identity from Luca Fontana for the Milan-based butcher shop Osso, and the very first with an open kitchen in Milan. Being a butcher isn't a glamorous job, but Luca gives the profession some serious panache with bold red color and modern slanted shapes, reminiscent of a knife slicing meat. The identity is carried out through take-away bags, boxes, posters and print collateral. Excuse the pun, but it's darn juicy!

via Luca Fontana: The idea of Osso is very simple, a counter where you can choose the type and cut of meat you want to eat and an open kitchen where you can follow the whole preparation. All in unusual context, where the tables have been replaced by a counter which runs across the room to offer a concept of informal socializing that facilitates communication in groups and make comfortable even those who eat alone.

Images: Luca Fontana

The writing's on the walls

Remember the days when you were a kid and couldn't help to write or draw on something you weren't supposed to? While it was so damn fun in the process, eventually the fun came crashing down when you were caught and most likely punished. Not anymore my friends! NYC based artist Jon Burgerman has the perfect solution... Burgerplex Color-In Wallpaper templates. They come in two different patterns to choose from, Burger Mash and Burgerdoodles. Whether you prefer crayons, paint, pastels or markers, you don't have to be a kid to enjoy them nor do you need to stay in the lines if you don't want to. Genius right? You can purchase the wall templates at his Burgerplex site.

26 May 2013

The beauty of Trondheim

Debbie Martin's photo of Trondheim Norway made me pause and linger, a long time. The sheer beauty, composition and mood of this photo is stunning. Norway is definitely a place I could call home and Trondheim looks very welcoming!

Ms. Martin is based in Madrid, Spain and works as an art director at OglivyOne Madrid. She's also got a fabulous blog on typography called Woo I Like It. Check it out!

Photo: Debbie Martin

Sparkling views

Malibu California has some of the most sought after views of the Pacific coastline. And this recently completed Seaside Estate residence by Burdge & Associates Architects, capitalizes on it from virtually every corner. No matter where you sit or stand in this stunning home, the waves follow you. And the view from the bathtub... I'd be one pruney girl for the rest of my life! See more photos over at HiConsumption.

Photos: HiConsumption

Shirts with style

What do a computer keyboard, Paris Metro tickets, supermarket deli tickets and the spines of Pelican paperbacks have in common? Normally nothing, unless you're Dutch graphic designer Gijs Sierman, who's Someshirt line of shirts are just those things. Kind of crazy looking, but fun.

A hair salon inside nature

The Onico Hair & Nail salon in Osaka, Japan has the most unique interiors going. Architect Ryo Isobe repurposed an abandoned building and turned it into an indoor forest. Clearly he's a master of taking the outside and bringing it indoors with exquisite use of lines, plantings, reclaimed wood and glass. View more photos over at We Heart.

Photo: We Heart

25 May 2013

A cool, tasty museum

Among the plethora of museums in the world, I would have to imagine a museum about ice cream (gelato rather), would be hard to pass over. Really, a museum about gelato, what's not to like? Especially if the branding was full of flavor! Modena-based design agency Bipiuci was called upon to create the identity for the first museum in the world dedicated to the understanding and study of the history, culture, and technology of gelato and the expertise of the innovators who drove its evolution over the centuries. And the result for the Gelato Museum Carpigiani is perfection! The entire scope of the identity is simple, colorful and not over designed. The logo is clean, unique and identifiable on many levels. See more photos of executed brand  on their website here.

It's no surprise that Florence, the birthplace of gelato, hosts the annual Firenze Gelato Festival, happening right now as a matter of fact from 17 May - 26 May. A glorious week long celebration of gelato's sweetness bringing together the best gelato makers from Italy and abroad. And let's face it, this soft creamy substance can put a smile on anyone's face because it's fun, delicious and reminds us of being a kid again.

On a side note, here's another interesting article I found about the Mayor wanting to reduce the number of days the Gelato Festival ran, saying it was 'too long and taking up too much valuable space.' Needless to say, that didn't go over very well. Read here.

In your travels this holiday weekend, take some time to stop and smell the roses... and get yourself some cool, creamy gelato!

Images: Bipiuci

24 May 2013

The most beautiful chair in the world

I'm combing a tag sale in a small community and spot a near perfect condition leather-upholstered rosewood-veneered Eames Lounge Chair and matching ottoman up for grabs. The chair is the epitome of Modernist style and comfort. A classic design of the twentieth century. But that's where my dream ends. Yes, one of these days I might (but probably won't) own the most iconic chair in the world, but I can surely drool over it's photos on the pages of  The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design by Martin Eidelberg, Thomas Hine, Pat Kirkham, David Hanks and C. Ford Peatross. The book celebrated the chair's 50th anniversary back in 2006 and explores the design in detail and places it in its cultural, historical and social contexts. It's a book for anyone who appreciates Modernist design in all it's glory and a must have for any Noguchi coffee table.

Photo: Abduzeedo

23 May 2013

Cuts like an artist

I love when artists use non-traditional canvases as art. New York City-based artistic collaboration Vault49 recently created a project called (Sub)Prime Cuts that took saws and hand-painted gorgeous lettering on the blades. Vault49 isn't your normal design agency, rather it's an artistic collaboration, a playground and a creative incubator for innovative design projects and comprises comprises 3D model-makers, set designers, screen printers, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers. Together they overlap and produce cohesive work that unites a broad variety of techniques. See more of their brilliant work here.

Now about those saws....

via Behance: Vault49 is doing our bit for the Big Bailout. Budgets are being butchered all around the world, and even worse it’s been done in such bad taste. These finely crafted financial tools should trim the fat nicely. Sink your teeth into these viciously hand-crafted beauties.

Images: Vault49 Behance

18 May 2013

A real soap for craftsmen (and women)

This is probably the best looking packaging for artisan soap I've ever seen. But it's not just any soap. It's a Worker's Soap, you know... the kind of soap real crafts people need at the end of the day; carpenters, mechanics, woodworkers, printers, painters, potters. Being good with your hands means being good to your hands and this is the soap for them. The natural pumice bar is handcrafted in the Western Adirondacks and works on elbows and feet just the same. It's available from Hudson Made right here. I might get a bar just for the packaging!

via Behance: Hudson Made packaging references a time in history when every item was individually boxed and packed by hand upon production. Hand wrapped and string tied with a lead seal, each soap is securely protected and unique. The incorporation of traditional printing and letterpress typography on sustainable paper creates a valued product presentation. All of Hudson Made’s packaging is manufactured locally and meticulously selected for a truly regional product. The typography itself is balanced between contemporary simplicity and the heritage implied by nineteenth-century design.

Images: Behance Packaging Served

Santa Cruz branding

The branding for the Santa Catarina, Mexico restaurant Santa Cruz is exquisite. It's not your typical clean, modern branding with a distinct logo. Rather the playful typography and messages stand in place of a standard icon. And the website design allows the typographic treatment to really shine, no fancy layout or distracting images. Mexico City-based Anagrama did a beautiful job with the branding and Santa Cruz looks like a casual, fun place to eat some delicious Mexican when you're in town!

Photos: Serifs & Sans and Foursquare

11 May 2013

Wanderlust: Italy

A year ago today we were on our way to Italy. I can still taste it, smell it and see it like just yesterday! Travel will do that to you. I'm getting itchy and wondering where we'll go next... as far as I can tell Palm Springs is on the horizon for our annual desert road trip!
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