30 June 2013

The Cotton Bureau

Cotton Bureau is a curated, crowd-funded t-shirt community for designers and it's a pretty sweet deal! Don't get crowd-funded confused with crowd-sourced either, this is different. It's a new venture from the guys at United Pixelworkers and it's simple really... you sub­mit a design to Cotton Bureau, they'll take a look and decide if it fits with their aesthetic, your shirt goes live on the Cotton Bureau site for a two-week pre-order period. The goal is to sell 25 shirts during those two weeks, if you hit 25 or more, they'll send your shirt to press. And they are printed right down the street from their office in Pittsburgh. They print, pack and ship, then send you a payment for all the shirts sold. So go ahead, submit a tee here and peruse their shirts here. Good luck!

Images: Cotton Bureau

29 June 2013

Typefaces to love

Somedays I just can't help myself... and yesterday was one of those days. Carrosserie and Station made it into my font library. How beautiful are these fonts? Carrosserie was designed for display use and inspired by the shapes of the 30's. It was created by Fabian Widmer of Letterwerk based in Switzerland. Station is a bold headline typeface inspired by old Train Station type and has several formats (I went with No. One and No. Five). Station was designed by Kimmy Kirkwood, a graphic designer and letterer based in Santa Monica CA who has several other great typefaces available on MyFonts including a delightful handdrawn typeface called Lunch Box. My name is Lynne and I'm a typoholic.

Photos: MyFonts

28 June 2013

Million dollar Martyn

Let's face it, who really wants to watch filthy rich people hire filthy rich people to spend their filthy riches. Turns out I do! If you haven't seen Million Dollar Decorators, give it a whirl if you enjoy watching extremely talented and outright funny interior designers whip their clients (and their colleagues) into shape. Each of them possess exceptional talent, but when I heard Martyn Lawrence-Bullard was the brains behind the eclectic Moroccan paradise, Colony Palms in Palms Springs (my favorite boutique hotel in the desert), I was completely hooked and wanted to get a glimpse into how his creative mind worked. Martyn recently came out with a strikingly beautiful line of wall coverings (new buzz word for wallpaper by the way), borders and large-scale panels for Schumacher, a fifth generation, family-owned company with exquisite designs and the finest in superior interiors. (And it's no surprise they've tapped MDD Mary McDonald too.) My favorite from his line however... the incredible black and white graphic called Fez. If I had a place that could accommodate such an eye-catching graphic, it would be this!

Read more about his collection in an interview over at Architectural Digest.

Photo: Architectural Digest

26 June 2013

Wise words

Wise words today from MUTI, a three-man studio from Cape Town, South Africa who do some incredible hand-drawn typographic work. And I love their Cape of Good Hope illustration!

Photo: Grain Edit

The eco pen

There's something to love about touching lead to paper, but this Beta Inkless Pen might just convert me.

via Jac Zagoory: The Beta Inkless Pen is the most eco-green writing instrument. Use it and you will stop contributing to the grinding away of trees by sharpening away wood pencils. It lays down a grey line that doesn't smudge or erase. It never needs sharpening and doesn't runs out.

Photo: Lost At E Minor

20 June 2013

Camera ready for summer

Summertime, it's a time of playful days by the ocean, striped umbrellas, bright colors, salty hair and sandy beach bags. And don't forget your camera! If you happen to be looking for something a little special that screams summer vacation, then you need the La Sardina beach camera by Lomography, specifically the Capri or St. Tropez editions. They debuted last summer and were inspired by the chic folding wooden beach chairs and the 60's vintage summer look of the Mediterranean. Shaped like a humble sardine can, the body of the camera is covered with striped canvas and features a wide-angle lens, a switch for multiple exposures and an optional flash. And, wait for it.... it shoots regular 35mm film. Vintage indeed, but so much fun starting at just $75!

The utterly talented Montserrat Llaurado of San Francisco was the creative behind the La Sardina Beach Edition cameras, including concept development, packaging and marketing materials. Check our her stellar portfolio here and more of the cameras here.

Photos: Montserrat Llaurado

16 June 2013

Wearable metro maps

I love jewelry that makes a statement, so when I saw these Metro Cuffs on The Bazaar (BZA) from Tiffany Burnette of Design Hype, I immediately coveted one! Each cuff is embossed, with or without color, of a city metro map. Choose between NYC, Chicago, Paris, London, Berlin, Brooklyn or Milan. Since the London Underground map is so iconic, I might have to go with that one.

Photo: BZA

Seat in a snap

Looking for a cool piece of furniture for your photography studio? Then Spanish designer Sandra Diaz of Monóculo has produced something just for you—the DSLR Paparazzi Stool. Made of Ayous wood and topped with a comfy red cushion, it doubles as storage space when you remove the cushion. Pretty snappy!

Photo: DesignTaxi

15 June 2013

Meaningful Manomasa packaging

This packaging created by Pearlfisher for Manomasa, the new tortilla chip brand from All Good, is really fabulous. What I love about the design is its sole focus on the chip itself. No background images, no distracting elements, just clean typography and a colorful focal point. All the goodness that goes into the chip. "It's a move away from Mexican clichés and the brash, artificial world of party snacks, Manomasa is a bold, characterful celebration of the 'real' Tortilla chip." Read more over at CommArts.

Photos: CommArts

Chillin' in Palm Springs

That's right, come July, one of those chairs is mine!

Brilliant billboards

For some reason I've always had a penchant for billboards. Yes, they clutter the skyline, the views and can be down right ugly. But let's be real, when you're on a road trip in the middle of nowhere, they do provide some kind entertainment, right? However, when they're clever, they're great and full of impact. Like the new double-use billboards from IBM created by Ogilvy & Mather. Notice the clean design, short copy and bright colors, so effective on so many levels. They're clever and intelligent, enough said.

via @issue: IBM’s “Smarter Planet” communication platform, developed with its long-time agency, Ogilvy & Mather, added a low-tech, but highly appreciated approach to its outdoor advertising campaign. IBM looked beyond its digital technology business and considered what would enhance the quality of life in a community. It didn’t change its marketing message, but it did alter its outdoor advertising strategy. Incorporating a simple curve in the physical shape of its billboards transformed them into street benches, rain shelters and ramps — which all goes to prove that small changes can provide smart solutions for cities.

Photos: David Airey

09 June 2013

Long live album cover art

There was a day when record album jackets had some pretty incredible art, but with the advent of CD's, and an area smaller than 5"x5" for artistic creation, the album cover design of yesteryear has certainly dwindled. However, director Danny Cooke features traditional sign writer, glass and graphics artist Dave Smith of England in his latest short film on the making of John Mayer's latest CD Born and Raised, and it's one dynamite piece! Dave Smith is a master artist who truly creates one of a kind original designs, the kind of artistry all artists wish to create, but only a few can actually do. His talent and tremendous eye for detail is inspiring and if you have an appreciation for such craft, you really must watch this powerful piece, he's brilliant!

Watch the video over at Design Envy.

Photo: Design Envy 

07 June 2013

The Beetle rolls on

When you see it, it strikes you... how the heck does one do that? The Beetle Sphere is absolutely captivating! It's an actual 1953 VW Beetle formed into a perfect sphere by Ichwan Noor. Read more over at Colossal.

Image: Colossal

04 June 2013

Desktop love

Is your desktop looking a little blah? Try this colorful photo of Amsterdam-based designer and illustrator Mirthe Blussé's studio and tools (love those vintage cans!) courtesy of Uppercase Magazine. Download it here.

Photo Uppercase Magazine

01 June 2013

Up, up and away

This is something I never expected.... my logo on a hot air balloon! It's the 30th Annual Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival this weekend, so if you're in the area, stop over at Europa Village for some great wine! I recommend trying the 2007 Tempranillo, it's one of their best wines.

The Europa logo was a collaboration with the highly talented Damion Hickman Design studio. Check out their great new line of biking shirts at DHD Wear!

Photo: Europa Village Instagram
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