20 June 2013

Camera ready for summer

Summertime, it's a time of playful days by the ocean, striped umbrellas, bright colors, salty hair and sandy beach bags. And don't forget your camera! If you happen to be looking for something a little special that screams summer vacation, then you need the La Sardina beach camera by Lomography, specifically the Capri or St. Tropez editions. They debuted last summer and were inspired by the chic folding wooden beach chairs and the 60's vintage summer look of the Mediterranean. Shaped like a humble sardine can, the body of the camera is covered with striped canvas and features a wide-angle lens, a switch for multiple exposures and an optional flash. And, wait for it.... it shoots regular 35mm film. Vintage indeed, but so much fun starting at just $75!

The utterly talented Montserrat Llaurado of San Francisco was the creative behind the La Sardina Beach Edition cameras, including concept development, packaging and marketing materials. Check our her stellar portfolio here and more of the cameras here.

Photos: Montserrat Llaurado

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