28 June 2013

Million dollar Martyn

Let's face it, who really wants to watch filthy rich people hire filthy rich people to spend their filthy riches. Turns out I do! If you haven't seen Million Dollar Decorators, give it a whirl if you enjoy watching extremely talented and outright funny interior designers whip their clients (and their colleagues) into shape. Each of them possess exceptional talent, but when I heard Martyn Lawrence-Bullard was the brains behind the eclectic Moroccan paradise, Colony Palms in Palms Springs (my favorite boutique hotel in the desert), I was completely hooked and wanted to get a glimpse into how his creative mind worked. Martyn recently came out with a strikingly beautiful line of wall coverings (new buzz word for wallpaper by the way), borders and large-scale panels for Schumacher, a fifth generation, family-owned company with exquisite designs and the finest in superior interiors. (And it's no surprise they've tapped MDD Mary McDonald too.) My favorite from his line however... the incredible black and white graphic called Fez. If I had a place that could accommodate such an eye-catching graphic, it would be this!

Read more about his collection in an interview over at Architectural Digest.

Photo: Architectural Digest

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