26 July 2013

Inflatable summer

When The Cool Hunter (TCH) put out a call for designer Inflatables, Pablos Crespo Pita of imaisde in Spain gave them exactly what they were looking for; a minimalist, functional float that's flexible, stable, comfortable and practical. I suspect the CHAT Inflatable will be the hottest item on land and sea this year, but you've got only two weeks to get your sweaty hands on one... well, make that three, it's a 3 unit set. The CHAT collection of Christina (red), Henry (blue) and Athina (yellow) is available until 5 August and includes 6 hooks to connect to the others so you can, what else, chat with your friends in the sea, in the sand or in the pool. So relax, chat, sunbathe and get some summer here!

Congrats to Pablos for the award winning design!

Photos: imaisde

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