25 August 2013

Junk food goes farmers market fresh

When it comes to food, lower income families often resort to whatever is cheapest. However, Dallas-based Fire House Agency recently launched the SNAP Program for the Dallas Farmers Market Friends with these very clever campaign posters. Through the program, the agency hopes to raise awareness among lower income residents that some of the city's freshest, healthiest and most affordable produce can be found at the Dallas Farmers Market. By replacing popular junk foods images with healthier alternatives, they created eye-catching visuals that really do make you want to head straight over to the farmers market for some fresh an tasty food. So bright, cheerful and clever, the posters and message can't be missed!

Images: CommArts

24 August 2013

The Maker Culture is Happening

There is a huge emphasis on 'makers' right now: printers, designers, manufacturers, artists, artisans, musicians, all those who make their living as makers. It's a fast-growing culture and one I first noticed with The Renegade Craft FairPatchwork Show and creative retreats from the The Makerie. Then last year, Martha Stewart Living magazine started their American Made movement which spotlights the maker, supports the local and celebrates the handmade in the areas of craft, design, food, garden, style and technology. And let me tell you, it was definitely the article I looked forward to reading most as soon as I received the issue. I loved learning about makers all over the country doing what they do so passionately, honing their craft and making a living doing it. Now, Mohawk Paper is introducing three new Culture of Craft publications, The Mohawk Declaration of Craft, Mohawk Craft Cooperative and Mohawk Maker Quarterly. Even in a society punctuated with e-mail, smart phones, tablets and texts, Mohawk is honoring high-quality materials, celebrating print and supporting a community of like-minded makers through the new publications. And I just signed up to receive the printed copy of each. Yes, a printed copy, because there's nothing like the tactile feel of craftsmanship... actually, make that makership!

So, in the words of Mohawk, what will you make today?

Photos: Mohawk Paper

23 August 2013

One hot space

I just love when event spaces push the boundaries of creativity and really transport you. Even if you're only a few miles away from home, you feel worlds away. I for one love the outdoors and I know we've all been dismayed at one time or another when we fully expected a beautiful sunny afternoon or starry evening and mother nature didn't quite cooperate. FVMA Architects, Smiling Wolf and Elevator Studios feel the same way. Together they created Camp and Furnace in Liverpool England, an event space with the feeling of the outdoors indoors. You can hang and work at communal tables amongst piles of lumber, food stalls and vintage campers all while thinking you just might be in the back woods of nature. And the space can also be used for indoor markets, festivals, conferences, weddings and TV and film shoots. I wonder if it smells like fresh pine trees and campfires too?

Photos: We Heart

22 August 2013

The Absolut truth

The old Absolut bottle designs

The new Absolut bottle designs

We all know the Absolut vodka brand by its famous long-running ad campaign of incorporating the distinctive bottle shape in the ad center and the title "ABSOLUT ______" at the bottom. Now, the brand has shifted its focus from print to packaging to introduce a wild new look for all it's flavored vodkas. It's one of the most dramatic changes they've ever made and it's show stopping gorgeous art! Read more on how they arrived at these gallery worthy new bottle designs over on Brand New. Truth be told, the Raspberry design is my favorite.

Photos: Brand New

17 August 2013

The new book mobile

Remember the great bookmobile? I'm not sure if they still exist anymore, but Portuguese advertising agency MSTF Partners firmly believes there is no better way to remember a journey than a book. Hence they developed Tell a Story, a mobile book shop that sells translated Portuguese literary pieces, as a way to promote literature as a "postcard" of their culture. They believe there's no better way to remember a journey than a book and nothing makes one travel more than reading. In a country of stories and great storytellers they want to challenge those who visit to Tell a Story about Portugal.

And so the story goes... here's to reading, travel and great adventures!

Image: Grain Edit

15 August 2013

Pasta perfection

Who knew there was over 250 species of pasta? Well, Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab, who assembles and arranges massive amounts of culture data into meaningful works of art and information, sure does. The Plethora of Pasta Permutations infographic is a 24" x 36" beauty that, thankfully, won't take as long to read it as it will to actually consume the over 250 pastas noted. Broken down by machine made and handmade, the poster covers all the varieties of pasta found only in hilltop villages in Italy to those stocked on supermarket shelves around the world. Read more about all these carbs here and get yourself copy here. Bon appetit!

Photo: Pop Chart Lab

09 August 2013

Bonnie makes me hungry

Bonnie Tsang makes me hungry dammit! The Los Angeles-based lifestyle photographer showcases her subjects in the most glorious light and composition. Like this beautiful looking salad from Heirloom LA. Thank goodness it's almost time for lunch!

Photo: Bonnie Tsang

My secret hideaway

I think I just found my dream home and it's called La Segreta (The Secret). I wonder how much they want for it? Laughter currently fills my head... I know, I know, but they're called dreams for a reason.

Photo: La Segreta website

07 August 2013

Make it a Mason

When I see a mason jar, I don't think about jam. I think about sipping fresh squeezed lemonade from it. Or about what small flower I want to plant in it to make a centerpiece. Or the fact I served the most delicious sangria for a recent get together in those one of a kind jars. Forget preserving food, mason jars have many uses. Yes, they were originally introduced in the mid 1800s to do nothing more than preserve food, but mason jars have become immensely popular as a drinking glass. Now the classic contraption can be used to hold your favorite liquor thanks to these Mason Jar Shot Glasses. Each glass is shaped to look like a tiny mason jar, and holds a hearty 2.4 ounces of your favorite booze (hmmm... slightly larger then your average shooter?) They don't come with lids, but who needs them when you're taking shots! Get 'em at Firebox or Amazon.

Photo: Firebox

06 August 2013

Handsome indeed

In the words of Freddie Mercury, 'Get on your bikes and ride!' And with this super fine looking retail space, how could you not? Handsome Cycle was opening their first ever retail space, located in the Minneapolis Warehouse District and the proprietors were looking for a new concept that truly reflected the Handsome lifestyle. Thankfully, they didn't have to look far. Minneapolis-based Knock, Inc., created exactly what they wanted, a handsome experience for a Handsome product. All that wood and exposed brick... devine. Oh, and that rubber stamp... great brand touch!

Photos: Knock, Inc.

04 August 2013

This wood be nice

Remember the dark, depressing paneling favorite of the 60's and 70's? Well my friends, wood paneling isn't what it used to be. It's making a comeback in a brighter, rustic, reclaimed way. Stikwood is a peel and stick product using ultra-thin wood planks that adheres to just about any surface. What I think is just great about this product is the colors are versatile, giving you options to blend a rustic, cozy look in any environment or style of architecture. And I suspect you could even use this on a ceiling too for a great farmhouse effect.

The peel-and-stick solution is now in an array of 14 great colors and ranging in price from $200 to $500 for enough panels to cover 40 square feet of space. Read more over at FastCo.Design.

Photos: FastCo.Design

India illustrations

Ranganath Krishnamani is a designer/illustrator in Bangalore City, India. Just look at these beautifully illustrated series of posters which celebrate the heritage and culture of popular destinations in Karntaka, India. The colors are just stunning!

Photos: Ranganath Krishnamani
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