29 September 2013

Heisenberg Lives On

Poster by Ty Matteson. Available at BreakingBadStore.com
Posters by Ty Matteson. Available at BreakingBadStore.com
Poster by Federio Leggio. More available at Society6
Tonight is the end of era, the series finale of Breaking Bad. But it doesn't really have to end. Keep Heisenberg alive with some of these fabulous prints... bitch.

Photos: Ty Matteson, Federico Leggio

The Most Beautiful Calligraphy In Town

It's the bane of my existence. Even the great Claude Dieterich couldn't help me, whom I took a class with at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco eons ago. But I am determined to learn and create beautiful calligraphy and lettering at some point in my life dammit, I will. There is hope for me yet and her name is Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir. Jenna is an amazing artist, painter, illustrator and calligrapher based right here in my hometown! How lucky is that? I found Jenna on the Oh, Hello Friend blog, where a craft workshop is taking place with four different artists. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the next calligraphy date with Jenna, but I will surely be inquiring about more upcoming workshops. In the meantime, I can follow her beautiful talent and process on Instagram. If you ever want a very special handmade touch on envelopes, wedding invitations or a favorite quote to hang on the wall, Jenna is the gal to call!

Photos: Hazel Wonderland and Mon Voir

28 September 2013

A Touch of Tanamachi

Let's face it, Jessica Hische made lettering cool and over the past several years lettering has catapulted itself front and center to the masses. Along with Jessica, Dana Tanamachi is another talented designer who specializes in hand-lettering and custom typography, but probably more known for her extraordinary chalk lettering. But just recently, Dana celebrated the arrival of Autumn with a gorgeous new poster 'A Touch of Nature'. It's a screenprinted square 20"x20" 2ply wood sheet that comes on walnut or oak veneer, beautifully printed by the guys at Mama's Sauce and available at her Tanamachi Studio Shop!

Photos: Dana Tanamachi

26 September 2013

Outdoor Sky Wall

Since I've been using my new Star Walk app, I'm giddy looking at the stars at night. I love going outside even more now that Fall is bringing some cooler, crisp air and the night sky shines bright with stars. Looking up at the sky through your iPad or iPhone does have its disadvantages however, why not just look up at the sky sans a device? Because I'm a novice star gazer and at least the app tells me what I'm looking at. However, if you want some permanent stars, architect Janna Levitt of LGA Architectural Partners can help. She devised a creative night sky for a residence of the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpio on a panel of tiny laser-cut holes, then installed LED lights behind the surface. Now, no matter the weather, the stars always shine bright for these homeowners. Read more over at Dwell.

Photo: Dwell

25 September 2013

Read Between The Books

How clever, this bookcase doubles as a secret message of your choice. Saporiti, an Italian furniture company has designed a modular, typographic bookcase system called ABC and it's made up of individual cubes you can arrange and spell out unique messages. The cubes come in 11 different colors and every letter of the alphabet, including numbers. Don't just read between the lines, read between the books.

Photos: Saporiti

22 September 2013

Mug Shot

The Canon Camera Lens Mug. Available here.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set. Available here.

Don't Fucking Procrastinate Mug. Available here.

Get Shit Done Mug. Available here.

Stainless Steel Carabiner Mug. Available here.
HiConsumption recently posted 15 of the coolest coffee and tea mugs. Here are some of the my favorites, especially those Ctrl-Alt-Delete cups for tea. And of course one from Good Fucking Design Advice. See the rest over at HiConsumption.

Photos: HiConsumption

Ampersand Lets You Put Your Feet Up

I'm not sure why designers are obsessed with ampersands, but they are, including myself. Maybe it's because no matter how you use them and what you do with them, they are simply beautiful. Like this Ampersand Table from Matt Innes.

Photo: Matt Innes

21 September 2013

On Tour: Good Fucking Design Advice

NOTE: Not that children are reading my blog, but this is not a family-friendly post. This post contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised. You've been warned.

The great guys over at Good Fucking Design Advice are on the road and coming to a city near you! Well, except the Southern California area, boo. They've been serving the working class designer with inspirational advice on their website since 2010. But what is their Tour Across America about you ask? Great fucking question. I'm not really sure, but you may find some insight here. By the looks of the locations and hosts, it will be nothing short of a good time with lots of jabber, discussion and humor about design and whatnot. Sounds pretty interesting right? Well then for fuck's sake check out their tour page and find out if you can be a part of it! Get ready Houston, you're on the map next for 25 September. And if they aren't coming to a city near you, well then you can get some swag or wear some very good fucking design advice from their store. My personal favorite, Think about all the fucking possibilities. Feels good doesn't it?

Photos: Good Fucking Design Advice

14 September 2013

Jersey culture

I'm loving the simplicity of this cool Garden State poster designed by NJ-based designer Alex Flannery showcasing New Jersey's historical and cultural landmarks. It was screen printed by the great guys at Mama's Sauce and available on Alex's Bigcartel shop.

Photos: Mama's Sauce, Alex Flannery

A little inspiration

As summer starts to wind down and autumn sits on the horizon, my craving to nest and delve into some creative projects comes alive. While additions to the project list seem to grow daily, the number I remove is a whole lot less. Let's just say I'll never be bored for years to come. Recently I some inspiration for a few home improvement projects I think would be a splendid update. Like switching out the excruciatingly boring light fixture over the kitchen table with this 5-Jar Chandelier from West Elm. It will look perfect over the Cherry Butcher block and steel table. Add a wonderful arrangement of succulents in a horizontal steel container, like the one from Apartment Therapy (or even use an old wine crate) and the kitchen will turn over a new leaf. I'm also searching for a few interesting artifacts to collect and display... I just haven't figured out what they are yet, but I know they'll sit in pretty little jars with tags as to where I found them. And last but not least, the holidays will be on us before we know it, so it's time to start thinking about a handmade gift for that special someone. My holiday inspiration comes from Soule Mama, of a gorgeous needlepoint snowflake on linen. Maybe I'll make it as a pillow? Whatever I decide, it's time to remove some projects off that list! 

Photos:  West Elm (top),  Apartment Therapy (middle), Soule Mama 

13 September 2013

A signature Sachs

I'm completely digging this Richard Sachs bike all because of the superbly crafted logo... and that rusty orange color! Check it out here on House Industries.

08 September 2013

A dog treat for us

I'm in love! These whimsical Peanut Butter Pup chocolates from Gearharts are almost too cute to eat... almost. The hand-piped milk chocolate treats are filled with Virginia artisan peanut butter and decorated with a dark chocolate face and toasted almond ears. Yum! And Gearhearts donates 5% of all sales to Companions for Heroes, an organization who matches rescue pets as companion animals to our nation's wounded veterans. Get some yummy treats here!

Photo: Gearharts Chocolates

Hanging out in the woods

After spending a little time in the woods of Mendocino County last weekend, I'm thinking this comfy looking hanging lounge chair would be great for an afternoon siesta or a little book reading. It's called the Cacoon and was created by a husband and wife team who love to travel and make sails for ocean-going yachts. They decided to combine their furniture making expertise with complex sail cloth technology after noticing a colony of weaver birds building their tiny woven hanging nests... and the Cacoon was born. I think it's the perfect little outdoor (or indoor) oasis! Get your cozy Cacoon here.

Images: Design Milk

07 September 2013

Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

Found this Anatomy of a Graphic Designer from Glantz Design pretty funny.

Image: Glantz Design

A thank you note to Anchor Bay

So where did the summer go? It seems like I ask myself this around the same time each year, right about now when school is back in session. I also ask why I haven't been to the beach yet? Luckily for me, summer never quite ends when you live in Southern California. I'm not trying to brag, it's just how it is (and my taxes will tell you so). What I'm really trying to say is time truly feels like it speeds up the older you get and some days you need everything to slow down so you can fit in all the calls, meetings, projects or even that quick visit to the beach. I mean, just look at the last time I posted a blog. My goal was to post at least once per day this year. Obviously, I'm going to miss that goal, but it's okay. I'm letting it go. Maybe some of my other goals were more important or I simply wasn't inspired to post anything. You just gotta go with flow and that's exactly what I did last weekend. I spent an incredibly relaxing Labor Day holiday with friends in Anchor Bay up in Mendocino County where time actually stood still for a few marvelous days. I took advantage and let myself do pretty much next to nothing and it felt great! Okay, except for some extreme croquet playing. Yes extreme (think hills and rock obstructions). Thank God for that maximum of 10 hits per wicket rule or I really would have come in last place... or did I? I don't know, who cares, I let that go too. Bottom line, I took advantage of letting go, doing nothing and just being. Being in the moment and enjoying every second, something I haven't done in a long time without a list of to-do's close by. Thank you Anchor Bay, for letting the time slow. I'll be back soon again... but with a super-duper mallet in hand!
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