25 December 2013

Holiday Wishes To All

23 December 2013

The Devil's Advocate

Scotland (and Ireland) have been on my travel list for awhile and now I've got another reason to visit (like I needed another reason). Edinburgh's newest eatery and drinking establishment, The Devil's Advocate. is as cozy as it gets and I'm dreaming about popping in at this great new spot tonight. It looks like the kind of place where you'll forget about the time and enjoy a nice slow afternoon or evening pass by.

Read more about this new addition to Edinburgh's Old Town over at Everything Looks Rosie, from Scottish freelance writer Rosie Steer, who recently visited and had this to say, "The Devil's Advocate is the real deal and has style as well as substance." Cheers!

Image: We Heart

Dog Silhouette Pillows

So this is just the cutest thing, the perfect modern chic Dachshund silhouette pillow from Linen Workshop. And they have many other breeds to choose from. Check out their entire selection here.

Image: Linen Workshop

19 December 2013

Holiday Gift Tags

Your holiday shopping is done, but you forgot gift tags. If that's your dilemma, I have your answer. Head over to MStetson Design for these lovely watercolor holiday gift tags in red, green and blue from Lindsay Stetson of MStetson Design and Tessa Shane of T&S Craft. Free and downloadable right here, to make your gifts extra special with a little handmade goodness. Thanks girls!

And while you're on the MStetson site, you might as well check out Lindsay's great color coordinated gift guides, just in case you forgot anyone on your list. Happy shopping!

Images: MStetson Design

16 December 2013

Typism Book

One of the greatest books on the world's best typography is out my friends! Typism is a stunning 194 pages of crisp black and white beauty chock full of letterforms, calligraphy, hand lettering, custom typography and typeface design from some of the most noted artists around the globe. Including the hugely talented Phoenix, AZ-based designer and letterer Scott Biersack. It coincides with the one-day Typism Conference held on the Gold Coast in Australia and the site features a few videos from their last conference back in September. I particularly like Aurelie Maron who demonstrates chalk lettering and the string lettering demonstration from Dominique Falla. So inspiring!

Image: Typism

14 December 2013

Merry New Year

The End is Near from Anemone Letterpress

Happy New in code from Code Cards

Holy Crap from Emily McDowell

Champagne wishes from Foglio Press

Happy from Sad Shop

Funny resolution from Sapling Press

Happy Happy from The Social Type

Happy New Year from Snow & Graham

Holiday Beers from Snow & Graham
It's sitting on your to-do list.... mail Christmas cards. It's December 14th and the worry is setting in, right? Will you get them out before the holiday decorations come down? That's the problem with the holidays. We are so busy this time of year and put enormous pressure on ourselves to get it all done. Of course, there is always that annoying person who's card you'll get the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, this happens to me and the family shall remain nameless. Let's face it, anyone can order a card online, put a stamp, mailing label and return address label on an envelope with not one iota of ink to be seen and send out a cold, impersonal card anytime. Well, a few years ago I let the whole worry thing go and I haven't looked back. In fact, a lot of years if I have just too much damn stuff to do, I reach for the New Year cards. Why not? After all the Christmas crap is done, I actually have time to sit down, most of the time on Christmas Day, and write a little greeting in each card, sign them and get them mailed before New Year's (that family should take note here). So don't worry, let go of the guilt, you don't have to do it all. Here are a few cards to ring in the New Year for your friends and family.

If you're still determined to get those Christmas cards out, you might consider some rather unique greetings over at Brain Box Candy. Merry New Year!

Images: Design Milk

10 December 2013

New Tycho Album Coming

I can't think of a more talented human being then Scott Hansen. Scott is a San Francisco-based artist of ISO50 and musician of Tycho. His design aesthetic is as modern and captivating as it gets. It seems he's doing a little more music over design at the moment, which is fine, because he's doing a lot of touring and you could probably see him in a town near you soon. And that's fine with me, because I have come to greatly appreciate and absolutely love his style of music, it's perfect music for me while I work in the studio. I highly suggested a listen to Tycho over at SoundCloud and then check back next Monday for the new full length release on the Tycho Facebook page or Tycho Music site for album artwork, track listing, title and release date information. And if you're looking for some cool album prints or t-shirts for the art and music lover in your life, head over to Scott's ISO50 shop. Happy listening and shopping!

Image: Scott Hansen / Tycho

09 December 2013

Homeland in Vintage

Yeah, Ty Mattson of Mattson Creative has done it again! If you're a Homeland fan, you're going to love his new art that plays on the theme of jazz. He's created a set of 12 vintage jazz album covers as 12" x 12" framed prints or as a single 24" x 34" limited edition lithograph. A great holiday gift for the Homeland lover in your life. The prints are available exclusively on the Showtime website.

And don't forget his incredible pieces for Breaking Bad and Dexter too, all available online at the respective websites.

Photo: Ty Mattson

05 December 2013

Trouvé Is Here, Trouvé Is Here!

The much anticipated Trouvé magazine is almost here and I'm simply beside myself! The website launched earlier this week, but issue one will be available for free online viewing on December 12th, with printed copies available for purchase. What's Trouvé you say? I'd thought you'd never ask!

Created by a graphic designer and an artist, Trouvé Magazine celebrates the creative lifestyle and those who live it. The editorial pages are honest, artistic, well designed, and purposeful, showcasing some of the best creators, innovators, spaces, handmade goods, local treasures, events and lifestyle. How's that for another piece to the Maker Culture? Can wait until the 12th! 

Check out Trouvé right here. You won't be disappointed.

Photo: Trouvé

Pantone Color of the Year 2014

Along with holiday shopping, it's that time of year again; the Pantone Color of the Year. For 2014 it's Radiant Orchid, replacing 2013's Emerald. 

via Pantone: "While the 2013 color of the year, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.

With that said, I fully expect my imagination and creativity to be outstanding next year.

Photo: Pantone

04 December 2013

Letterer Extraordinaire: Kevin Cantrell

If you haven't seen Kevin Cantrell's phe­nom­e­nal lettering and typography work, you're missing out. Just take a look at the thoughtfully crafted detail in every single square inch of his work! It's amazing. Its just makes me smile.

Images: Kevin Cantrell
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