19 January 2014

Al Fresco Please

My font library has got a hankering for this pretty little font to be included, Al Fresco by Laura Worthington.

Image: MyFonts

Hotel Wiesler In Vogue

The Hotel Wiesler in Graz Austria has the most beautiful wayfinding I've ever seen! But the hotel is so much more. The recent renovation is quirky, cool, modern and artful while still embracing its luxurious past. The tasteful restoration of the original detailing is met with the introduction of contemporary materials, combining modern design and a mixture of retro and vintage style, creating huge character throughout the hotel that's both relaxing and comfortable. Read more over at Yatzer.

Images: Yatzer

14 January 2014

A Few Drops of Nature

These Rainy Pots created by Korean designer Seungbin Jeong are the cutest thing going and highly functional. You can evenly water your plant without a watering can, the Rainy Pot holds the water in its cloud-shaped tub and emulates natural, even rainfall, ensuring the plants receive just the right amount of water. No more dead plants around the house! The pots were even a finalist in the 2013 Spark Awards. Congratulations to Mr. Seungbin Jeong on his genius design!

Image: Design Milk

Eat, Read, Enjoy

A few years back I introduced Timothy Goodman to the blog with his Ace Hotel murals. Well, he's done it again in a most impressive way with a permanent installation in the dining hall of Airbnb's new offices in San Francisco. Not only did Airbnb give Goodman a blank creative canvas (literally and figuratively), they recycled the building's unused plywood as the frames for each composition. The only goal was to to illustrate their experiences together. And as you can see from the final result, it's a masterpiece! See more photos and learn more about the installation process over at DesignWorkLife.

Images: DesignWorkLife

07 January 2014

Delicious Letters

I'm dying over these amazing typographic portraits with food.... yes food! Well, butter, cinnamon, mashed potatoes and coffee grounds to be exact. Danielle Evans of Marmalade Bleue is a genius with sticky, sweet, goopy, soft and edible materials. I'm in awe. Take a look over at Food Typography for even more of her tasty greatness.

Images: Danielle Evans

06 January 2014

A Few Brands From Ben Johnston

Just recently, I came across the work of Toronto-based graphic designer and letterer Ben Johnston. One word... wow. His lettering is gorgeous, logos are thoughtfully created and attention to detail out of this world. I particularly adore the tactile feel of a couple of the brands he created; the Farewell Co. (a selection of handcrafted leather goods of gentlemens traveling essentials) and Lumburr Co. (a lifestyle brand of handcrafted products built around a day at the park riding bicycles, playing kubb and lounging on wool blankets). Both brands use the logo on various materials and textures, lending a sense of real personalization to those who buy and use the products (including my favorite, the use of rubber stamps). Check out the entire series of photos from each brand for Lumburr Co. and Farewell Co, no detail was missed or forgotten. And read more about each project on his Behance site.

Images: Ben Johnston

05 January 2014

Entertaining Goodies

I'm feeling a little Bon Appetit right now since I'm still in foodie mode after making and baking over the holidays, so I couldn't resist but to showcase a few kitchen items I think are just great. First is this extraordinary reclaimed slate bread tray from Timothy Michael Kelly of T. Michael Studios. The tray is handcut from reclaimed slate that once adorned historical buildings and barns as roofing shingles and comes with a Historical Card that highlights the slate's original story. I would have to imagine most guests would eye it up ask where you bought this baby. And receivers of cookies that proclaim 'Eat Me' would surely get a laugh or two. The Eat Me cookie stamp by Suck UK can be found on Amazon, but don't overlook some of the other interesting products on their site. Buon appetito!

Images: T. Michaels Studio and Amazon

04 January 2014

New Year, New Inspiration

It's a sure sign my friends. Client projects are ramping up, everyone is on a diet and yoga class is full again. All tell tale signs the calendar year must have turned over. With the start of a New Year people get all 'let's get shit done.' While I commend the positive can-do attitude, I like to believe we should think that way all year long. Don't get me wrong, I was ready to be done with 2013 like everyone else and was over the holidays before they even began. And yes, I too felt a renewed sense of energy, magically I might add, as of January 1st. So during the downtime, a found a few inspirational things that will surely keep me focused and energized. Here's to hoping inspiration keeps us all rolling along throughout the year. Cheers to a great 2014!

Images: Typography Annual Scott Hull Associates; Cheers linen Chez Sucre Chez; House Circle Tee House Industries; Neighborwood Coasters Uncommon Goods; Brandy bottles ReFine.  

January really means only one thing... the Communication Arts Typography Annual. My love of typography just keeps growing year after year....

These were the best gifts I gave this year from Chez Sucre Chez, wrapped around a bottle of Prosecco. Learning to do embroidery and crocheting is on my to-do list this year (again).

Learning to screen print cool t-shirts would also be pretty neat. For now, I'll order this cool tee from House Industries. 

At some point, I will learn the basics of woodworking from the most incredibly talented man I know, my Dad, and then make cool coasters like these Neighborwood ones from Uncommon Goods.

I often find myself in the spirits aisle, not contemplating what to buy really, but getting inspiration from all the label designs... and loving the simplicity of labels like these from ReFind. This year, I'm going to refine my package design talents.
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