31 March 2014

He Who Seeks Beauty...

I'm pretty keen for these 'He Who Seeks Beauty' colors in this print designed by Natala Stuetz of Ma and Grandy based in Brisbane, Australia. It's available for purchase, along with many other fabulous items from Natala's site and over at Baba Souk. And the quote couldn't be more true, when you seek you will find!

Image: Design Work Life

26 March 2014

Clever Coffee

These clever Starbucks coffee mugs from Japanese design firm nendo give a whole new meaning to fill 'er up in the morning. Even when empty, graphics on the base of the cup depicting americano, latte or caramel macchiato, make the mug appear full of your favorite caffeinated goodness. No word on whether these faux coffees will make it to the U.S. Currently they are only being sold in Starbucks retail stores in Japan.

Photos: Mashable

06 March 2014

Delivery from Hatchery

What a treat a monthly tasting box from the Hatchery would be! For only $20 a month, they'll send a goodie box of curated, sample-size artisan ingredients and condiments from around the country right to your doorstep. They sift through green markets, visit family farms and travel dirt roads to find incredible flavors to share with members each month from passionate farmers and artisans. On their website, you'll find interviews with some of their producers, kitchen tips and tricks, delicious recipes and coming soon... Hatchery TV. I've already bookmarked it as one of my new delicious food and recipe sources!

Photo: Hatchery 
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