21 April 2014

Typo Talks

Friends, I've been very bad. Bad with my blogging lately. I've been ignoring the blog in order to get some much need items crossed off my to-do list and completed (like my website for one) and I traveled up north to attend TypoSF the Typo International Design Talks in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I've been absolutely giddy with energy and inspiration since! Conferences can be outrageously expensive, but this year I decided to choose a few I thought I could get a big bang for my buck and TypoSF did not disappoint. I'll be doing a write-up this week about some of the fabulous speakers and what I learned. Yes, I actually learned a few things, took notes and didn't doze off during any part of it, even after a great lunch with a glass of wine. Also had a little one on one time with Aaron Draplin himself, the man who closed out the 2-day talks with enormous vigor. Stay tuned.

05 April 2014

A Jean-ius Carpet

As we all know, recycling has taken on many new forms in the last 5 years. But this is one of the most interesting and creative recycling items I've seen yet... the Jeans Label Carpet. Old denim labels were assembled into a patch-style carpet and looks pretty darn cool... and genius. For some reason I see it most fitting in a house for a musician.

Photos: Kings of Sweden
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