23 May 2014

Storage with Style

Now that tax season is finally over, the big question is where to store all the annoying papers you need to keep for seven years? Well, if you must (and we must), I can't think of a sexier looking archive box then these from House Industries.

Photo: House Industries

Coming Soon: Linear City Maps

This summer be on the lookout for these great Linear City Map posters from These Are Things! One hundred plus cities will be available. Can't wait to see them!

Photo: These Are Things

White, Clean, Texture

There is something about a clean cement floor, textured white brick walls, an eclectic mix of chairs and a wood table that gets me giddy.

Photo: Mr. Cupp

18 May 2014

The Beachiest of Totes

Summer is definitely on my mind. Everything I'm thinking about lately relates to warm summer breezes, sand, comfy Adirondacks chairs, an ocean view, s'mores by the campfire, refreshing drinks and barbecue menus. I'm not looking for a new summer beach bag, but I think I found one anyway. The Manhattan Beach tote bag (or Hermosa Beach) from MIXT Studio is pretty cool with its signature beach-inspired strand stripe interior and orange herringbone straps. All their bags are designed and handcrafted with an eco-friendly method of production right in Hermosa Beach, California and are recyclable. Locally made and recyclable... what's not to love? Hermosa or Manhattan Beach not your sandy hood? That's okay, they offer made-to-order totes too, with your favorite beach, phrase or name. MIXT also has many other fun things for your home, including paper products and wine bags. Cheers to owner Marcie Carson for her eco-eclectic brand that exudes a modern, fun, summery vibe!

Image: MIXT Studio

14 May 2014

Spring into Summer

Summer is definitely on the horizon. And there's nothing better then a cozy patio to relax, unwind and chill out. Wouldn't it be nice if it had a little style? Maybe a little mid-century modern flair with the cool vibe of the Hollywood Hills? Well Ilan Dei might have just what you're looking for. The Venice, California-based furniture designer's new retro Cruiser Collection will sure set the mood. Whether it's an impromptu barbecue or evening cocktails, kick back with some friends and pretend you're in balmy Palm Springs. I can't spring (no pun intended) for these great timeless pieces myself, but I did see some pretty comfortable looking adirondack chairs at Target recently....

Images: Cool Hunting and Ilan Dei

13 May 2014

America the Beautiful

I am simply in love with these gorgeous vintage-style travel posters by Steven Thomas called See America. They are a special collection just released by Print Collection, a company that produces museum-style quality prints for your home... and just in time for vacation season!

Photos: Design Milk

10 May 2014

Instagram Addiction: Katina Houvouras

Venice by K. Houvouras

Marmolada Glacier, Dolomites by K. Houvouras

Winter by K. Houvouras
When I have a spare moment, I'm perusing my Instagram account. I can't help it. I guess you could call it an illness, I'm madly addicted. Because I follow a number of photographers and people from other countries, it takes me away for a brief moment of pure delight and wanderlust. One of the photographers I follow is Katina Houvouras. Her photos are absolutely stunning and quite often make my jaw drop. Recently she posted a magical image of Venice and the color and texture is captivating. She posts to her Instagram daily and her photos are really something to see. Her online portfolio includes Fog and Winter categories that are just striking so be sure to take a look!

Photos: Katina Houvouras

09 May 2014

The Minimalist Office Desk

Dangling cords from desks and wires running the walls aren't a pretty sight. So what do you do with them? Well if it's your office that needs help, this down right awesome minimalist desk from Artifox is exactly what you need. It comes in maple or walnut and combines digital and analog with slots to allow cords and chargers to pass through freely. And you can dock your tablet or mobile phone within the desk surface for a clutter free look. With such sleek and clever design, it's no wonder it doesn't come with IKEA prices... but it is made in the U.S.A.

Photos: Artifox

05 May 2014

Illustrator Extraordinaire: Riccardo Guasco

The prolific portfolio work from Riccardo Guasco (aka 'Rik') is not only astounding, but fresh and visually striking! The Alessandria, Italy based cartoonist, illustrator and painter shows influences from the Cubism and Futurism movements and uses warm tones to create rich, utterly beautiful illustrations. I'm loving them! And you can purchase many of them from his Society6 site on a variety of items, such as iPhone cases, cards, t-shirts and tote bags. 

Photos: Riccardo Guasco

Gadget: The Banana Slicer

Gadgets are good right? Most of them help with the little mundane things in life. Although I do remember this silver hard boiled egg slicer my mother had when I was growing up. It seemed more of a hassle to use and clean then to simply just slice the egg with a pairing knife. So here's another slicer for you, the banana slicer my friends. Not sure if it's worth a dime, but it's one of the gadgets that just might make your life easier a few times a years with no monkey business. And the reviews, well they are pretty funny... don't overlook the "Angle is wrong" review. Read them over at Buzzfeed.

Photo: Buzzfeed

03 May 2014

Coffee on the Coast

While meandering about my little coastal surf town lately, I've been seeing some pretty darn sharp looking logos and branding. I posted on Ellie's Table a short while back, and now I'm here to tell you about Bear Coast Coffee, a small pop-up coffee bar inside the fabulous downtown establishment The Cellar. Now I have to confess, I'm not much of a coffee drinker. I love the smell of coffee brewing, eat coffee ice cream and enjoy a cappuccino once in a while, but I'm not a daily morning coffee drinker. But it doesn't matter, the moment I saw the Bear Coast Coffee logo, I was intrigued! Did you see the left CA coast? The clever logo and hand lettering was done by Sarah Armstrong of A Name Brand. It's inspiring to see such great small business branding going on in our little town. And hey, if a non-coffee drinker needs to buy their super neat diner-style mug just because the logo is darn cool, I can only imagine how much love and passion is put into their brew. So forget about Starbucks and Peet's, come on down (or up) the coast to San Clemente and stop in for a variety of tasty hot and cold coffee or tea drinks at Bear Coast Coffee. And coming soon... espresso, lattes and mochas. I just might be a coffee drinker soon enough...

UPDATE 05 May 2014: Read how the logo for Bear Coast Coffee was developed right here.

Photo: Sarah Armstrong and Anne Watson Photography
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