27 July 2014

That Vacation Feeling

It's amazing how fast times passes these days. Busy or not, I try my best to be social media active, but then somehow the day is gone and I'm ready for bed. Then there's vacation, which I just got back from. This vacation I wanted a break from everything, and I got it! I didn't watch tv, didn't peruse CNN, didn't tweet or blog, and didn't look at email or a newspaper (okay, I only looked at email twice, but deleted most everything because they weren't work related). I couldn't remember what day of the week it was and if you asked me the date, I would have paused and taken my best guess (but most likely got it wrong). And this vacation, that's exactly what I wanted! Rested and refreshed, I feel like a new person. I let my mind wander, but didn't really think about anything really. I let my brain have a break from the normal hectic schedule and just tried to be, be in the moment and enjoy. This is the photo that best sums up the feeling of my vacation; calming, beautiful, restful, but above all... memory filled.

09 July 2014

Easy Peasy Planting

This little gem is perfect if you've ever wanted to grow a little garden, but don't have the backyard space or are worried about pesky ground critters eating everything you plant. The Organic Garden Table brings the ground up to you for easy gardening with no back-breaking effort either. The whole table comes in a kit with all the holes pre-drilled, making it easy for you to assemble it quickly. Genius. Be sure to check out the plethora of other cool gadgets and creative gift ideas on The Gadget Flow!

Image: The Gadget Flow

05 July 2014

Earbuds for the Eyes

If you're in the market for some high style earbuds with big sound, then Meze's 11 Deco are just what you need. These hand sculpted beechwood and soft silicone enclosures produce crisp, but warm natural sound and have a microphone on the flexible non-tangle cord, making these both stylist and practical. Rock on.

Images: Meze

01 July 2014

Illustrator Extraordinaire: Brad Woodard

I'm a huge fan of designer and illustrator Brad Woodard's work and there's a nice article over on Grain Edit today. Have a read here.

Images: Brad Woodard
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