27 September 2014

New website launch

A lot of you know, it's tough working on your own stuff while juggling clients and projects. Working on personal things always takes a back seat because truth be told, you gotta keep your clients happy and pay the rent. So when side projects of our own actually get done, it's a huge deal. Momentous actually... and I had one this week. I'm excited to announce my updated website went live this week! Stop by, have a look and let me know what you think. Enormous heartfelt thanks goes out to the amazing development team at San Clemente Website Design, without them it simply would not be what it is. Thank you for making me look so good girls!

21 September 2014

Crazy UX Myths

Hello friends! Back up and running after a few busy weeks of work, travel, a visit from my mom and the best wedding I've ever been to! And that last one is absolutely no lie. I could relive the entire weekend time and time again and not change one single detail. Except for perhaps the wedding gift fiasco, but no matter, it added to the laughs and memories of the whole amazing wedding experience!

Now... onto some great design. UX Myths is a website project from Zoltán Gócza, Zoltán Kollin and Dario Venneri. It's pretty fantastic and deserves some of your undivided attention to read through the myth explanations. Alessandro Giammaria and That's Com, both Italy based, liked the idea so much they created posters for each of the top 32 myths dispelled on the web, on design and on user experience. They caught my eye with the beautiful layout, color and typography, and made me laugh because of the facts! I posted some of my favorites, but head over to Alessandro's Behance site for the rest of the posters.

Photos: Alessandro Giammaria Behance
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