10 February 2015

A Longing for Letterpress

The Mama's Sauce card
The studio of The Aesthetic Union

Kristine Arellano of Presshaus LA
My business cards don't wow me. There I finally said it. Do you know how embarrassing it is for a designer to admit that? So... things are about to change. Goodbye old cards, I'm designing a new card and I'm on the hunt for a printer who will print a card that will wow with a capital 'W'. In thinking about what I want, the final product needs to be incredibly tactile and memorable, the feel of the card needs to be amazing. I'm a letterpress junkie and lover of heavier weight paper, so these attributes will require a special print job from a seasoned printer. I've narrowed my search to a few favorites and I want to share them with you. Here are some of the best in the business if you're looking for the ultimate business card to hand out and stand out. Because business cards are still important and potentially be the first touch point a prospective client might get from you.

Mama's Sauce - What about Mama's Sauce isn't to love? They have a reputation for some of the best printing in the country and designers love them. Based in Orlando, Florida Mama's Sauce has churned out some of the most memorable business cards, posters, stationery and invites. Just take a look at their Instagram feed.

Aesthetic Union - This San Francisco-based print house works with designers to flesh out ideas using traditional printing methods resulting in timeless ephemera. Printmaker James Tucker specializes in letterpress work, and designer Risa Culbertson of PapaLlama (her personal line of stationery and gift items) have teamed up to open a printing/studio/shop/gallery space offering a bevy of paper products. They carry locally and specialty made cards, notebooks and writing desk hard goods. And all their paper products shine with goodness.

Presshaus LA - Kristine Arellano learned the craft of letterpress printing in Germany. Vandercook anyone? She. Knows. Printing. And her passion for printing is clear. Just watch this video of Emma Dime's Lovely Lady Studio Tour Series of Kristine's letterpress journey. Her LA-based bespoke letterpress studio produces timeless pieces, and I suspect her soon-to-launch line of paper goods will be just as fabulous! Oh, and her sidekick Bagel is the cutest pup in print!

These are just a few of the many incredible letterpress printers out there who's work I greatly admire. If you're looking for a letterpress printer in your area, you can find an extensive list of top notch printers over at The Beauty of Letterpress.

I haven't decided which printer I'll be going with yet, sometimes the design needs to fit the right printer and vice versa, but I'll keep you posted on the final results!

Images: Mama's Sauce, The Aesthetic Union and Presshaus LA

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