27 February 2015

Stamps To Love

There's one thing, among many things, the United States is truly bad at. One of those is stamp design. Stamps are something I rarely think about because there are very few stamp designs that have caught my eye over the years. I'm not a collector of stamps, but I have amassed a whole three sheets of stamps because they were what I would consider well designed, and interesting. And probably because they were in the design realm: sculptor Louise Nevelson stamps in 1999, the Peanuts stamps in 2000 (I'm a huge Peanuts fan so no matter what the stamps looked like, I probably would have bought them anyway!) and the Eames stamps in 2008.

Now, I'm thrilled to add Jessica Hische's 2015 Forever Hearts Stamps, released in January, to my collection. I would have to imagine it's quite a honor to design such beautiful stamps for your country. In the future, I could easily see myself collecting stamps if the USPS continued to print visually interesting and unique stamps. 

The USPS even did a cool video with Jessica who shares her musings on the stamp design. Bravo Jessica!

Image: USPS

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