24 March 2015

Illustrator Extraordinarie: Anna Simmons

Well friends, since I started my intention year, I definitely feel its presence! I'm happy to say, I've taken steps towards the goals I set and they are starting to blossom in many ways. Spring has surely sprung and it's wonderful to feel the benefits and see the rewards!

One of the goals I set was to learn some new skills. There are so many things I want to learn, I could literally take a year off! But you need to start somewhere right? So I wrote a list and said one project at a time. The first was honing my lettering skills thanks to a quick Skillshare class from the one and only Jessica Hische, (thank you Ms. Jessica!). I'm almost ready to reveal the finished piece, but you know how it is, just... one... more... final... tweak. But my next project might be mapmaking. I love the illustrative quality of handmade maps and when I saw the work of illustrator Anna Simmons in a recent issue of Traveler magazine, my heart skipped a beat. Her beautiful Oslo map made me want to move the mapmaking goal up a few notches on the ol' list for sure!

My first foray into mapmaking certainly won't be as beautiful as Anna's work, if ever, but I have to start somewhere, and that's as beautiful as it gets!

Images: Anna Simmons

12 March 2015

A Classic For Two

The classic Eames DSR Side Chair now has a sibling. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based design team of Clark Nexsen reimagined the legendary molded plastic chair with a wire base into a seat for two, appropriately dubbed the DSR2. The DSR2 comes from the idea that "Good design is meant to be shared" and I completely agree. The new two-seater also won the People's Choice award at the 2014 Good Design Challenge that was hosted by Herman Miller and Alfred Williams & Company. Congratulations to the team at Clark Nexsen! Read more about the process and creation over at Design Milk.

Image: Clark Nexsen

08 March 2015

The De-Cluttered Desk

De-clutter your desk with this simple natural wooden tray that holds a mug and saucer, memo pad and smartphone. I'm thinking every desk needs one of these!

Image: Spoon and Tamago

07 March 2015

The Jameson St. Patrick's Day Bottle Has Arrived!

Whiskey really isn't my thing, but if all whiskey bottles had illustrative qualities like this, then I'd have quite a collection!

Jameson, the world's most celebrated Irish whiskey, creates a little something special each year for St. Patrick's Day. Fifth in its St. Patrick's Day series, this years limited edition bottle was designed by award-winning, Dublin-based illustrator Steve Simpson. The 2015 design depicts imagery of landmarks such as Trinity College and Clery's Clock, and also features real Dubliner phrases on a map of roads to represent the lifeblood of the city: the people and their passion for Dublin.

The bottle will be available from March and sold in 33 markets around the world, demonstrating the global popularity of Jameson with its St. Patrick's Day campaign.

View more of Steve's plethora of amazing work here.


Images: Steve Simpson

04 March 2015

Leading Women

Recently, my savvy girlfriend Helene sent me an interesting link. It was an opportunity to participate in the CNN International Women's Day and celebrate the wisdom of women with an open call to artists around the world to illustrate inspirational quotes from leading women. Sounds pretty cool right? So I jumped right in, sent an email to CNN and received a quote from Oprah Winfrey to illustrate, and this was the final result. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of such a huge audience and cause for leading women. You can view all the beautiful submissions at the CNN International Women's Day Pinterest board and read a little background over at CNN. Here's to the leading woman in all of us!
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