24 March 2015

Illustrator Extraordinarie: Anna Simmons

Well friends, since I started my intention year, I definitely feel its presence! I'm happy to say, I've taken steps towards the goals I set and they are starting to blossom in many ways. Spring has surely sprung and it's wonderful to feel the benefits and see the rewards!

One of the goals I set was to learn some new skills. There are so many things I want to learn, I could literally take a year off! But you need to start somewhere right? So I wrote a list and said one project at a time. The first was honing my lettering skills thanks to a quick Skillshare class from the one and only Jessica Hische, (thank you Ms. Jessica!). I'm almost ready to reveal the finished piece, but you know how it is, just... one... more... final... tweak. But my next project might be mapmaking. I love the illustrative quality of handmade maps and when I saw the work of illustrator Anna Simmons in a recent issue of Traveler magazine, my heart skipped a beat. Her beautiful Oslo map made me want to move the mapmaking goal up a few notches on the ol' list for sure!

My first foray into mapmaking certainly won't be as beautiful as Anna's work, if ever, but I have to start somewhere, and that's as beautiful as it gets!

Images: Anna Simmons

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