09 May 2015

Rough and Stylist

Hello friends! It's been some time since I last posted, but you know how it goes, life and work just always seem to get in the way. I've also been spending time developing my Pinterest boards and now that I'm feeling better about having more then a handful of pins, I can get back to other things, including the blog. While scoping out the overwhelming visuals of every kind and creating a board of 'Textures', it reminded me I wanted to post about a stylist new stay in Rome called G-Rough that has the most wonderful architectural textures. Owner Gabriele Salini opened a 10-suite hotel in his family's palazzo just 100 yards from Piazza Navona. The building was built in the 1600's and remodeled two centuries later, but as the names suggests, Salini preserved many of the building's imperfections; worn 16th-century tile floors left untouched, deliberately unrestored frescoes, walls sanded down to reveal layers of history. A sheer treat for the eyes to take in all the layers of history, literally. While the bare textured walls are worthy enough to pass for art, Salini added a curated selection of iconic Italian pieces from the 1930's to the '60s, giving G-Rough unconventional luxury with a personal touch in the Roman hotel industry. And... my bags are packed!

Images: We Heart

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